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Hidarime Tantei EYE (左目探偵EYE)

First of all, I want to say that Ishihara Satomi is indeed a POCKY girl, along side with Nakama Yukie, Matsura Aya, and Shibasaki Kou. I am quite surprised when someone (perhaps a fan?) said she wasn't. Rather, I was shocked. o___o;;


Anyways, I got a chance to watch Hidarime Tantei EYE (左目探偵EYE) this morning with Ishihara Satomi, Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP) and Yokoyama Yu (Kanijani8).


From TokyoGraph, the story about Tanaka Ainosuke (Yamada Ryosuke), after recieving a left eye transplant from his brother, Tanaka Yumehito (Yokoyama Yu), found his brother dead from an explosion. Because of the transplant, he begins to noticed visions, possibly concerning his brother's death. And thus, Ainosuke, along with his school nurse, Sayama Hitomi (Ishihara Satomi) try to solve the mystery.

And of course, there's a big twist at the end, but it's not that shocking, especially when you have Yokoyama Yu as the brother. I mean really, with a Johnny's big fan base, and they let Yokoyama Yu died the first 20-30 minutes? Impossible. -___-;;

Ainosuke is really a normal kid, but after circumstances (his brother), he ended up searching for the mystery behind his death, and thus also spiralled into a criminal case that's tied to his brother. But Ainosuke being a good artist is a great help to the investigation, especially with the addition of the left eye. I also laugh at the fact that Ainosuke's left eye is such a masochist. Seriously, for his special eye vision to be able to work, someone must hit him. Masochist! lol Well, actually, the eye came from his brother, so should I say his brother is the masochist one? XD;;

As for Yumehito, okay, I laugh when I learned that his name is Yumehito (dream person). XD;; I thought the name Ainosuke was strange, but Yumehito really took the cake. I think his character is too cool, so at first, I thought it was strange that he actually gave Ainosuke the eye. It's like, whenever I see Ainosuke and Yumehito together, there are no brotherly love. I know every siblings are different, but it was strange that Yumehito seems to put a wall around him (perhaps it's also because of the acting?). If you considered his whole character, I could kind of understand. But there are really little brother chemistry between Ainosuke and Yumehito. Yokoyama Yu's role in here is a bit like his role in The Quiz Show 2.

In one of Yokoyama Yu's entry, it mentions him meeting with Ishihara Satomi for the special (and how much a of beauty she is), but they actually don't have any scenes together. :/

Ishihara Satomi is perhaps the only comic relief for this show (if you don't count some of the reactions from the crowds and stuffs). She's played the extremely curious and "touchy" school nurse that's like a side-kick to Ainosuke's detective. Not really touchy-feely per se, but like when you are curious and you like to touch things (lame explaination). When Hitomi see a " Wet paint, do not touch!" sign, she would touch it. When she see a "Broken water fountain, do not touch!" sign, she will be unable to control herself, and touch it. lol. When she saw a fraying sticker/tape, she would want to pull it out. When she see a "Secret room, staff only", she would want to open it. Sometimes, it took Ainosuke his all to stop her from her curiousity, which made for some humorous moment. I really enjoys these humerous moments between them. They are quite funny. My favorite scene is where they were communicating silently in the bank. When they were mouthing words to each others, there are katakana subtitles, and their facial expressions. I laugh so hard.

Sayama Hitomi is also in debt. At the begining of the show, we sees her calculating her debt, and then later, the loan company also called her asking for money. But it's weird that they never really finish that storyline, rather it was forgotten. It's funny, her calculator and laptop are both pink with decoratives on it, causing Ainosuke to look at her funny. XD;; It's her curious nature that somehow helped Ainosuke out in his investigation. Ishihara Satomi's character is a mix between her character in Puzzle and Hanayome to Papa. But there are less pantings. lol. It's a comedy-ish role so, of course her Hanayome to Papa's acting is going to come out somewhat, but not as exagerated.

I noticed that Ishihara Satomi and Yamada Ryosuke are both the same height. o___o;; My my my, Yamada grew already. Well, Ishihara Satomi is kind of short so....

I laughed when the bad guy dropped the fake vial that was thought to contains some sort of virus, and everyone was running for their lives. I don't know, virus stories always reminded me of 20th Century Boys, perhaps that's where this story sort of stem from since the 3rd installment of 20th Century Boys movie is out (and taking 1st place on the ranking). Anyways, I don't know why people are so scared of it when the villians just walk around, talk, breath the same things they do without a mask. It can't be, everyone is that gullible... =___=;; I know they brought out the professor the first time to scare people, but when you see the villians just standing there as if it were nothing, I would think twice before running for my life. :/

The ending for the special leaves a lot to be desired. Did the cop ever found out about that lady spy in their office? Both Yokoyama Yu and his boss never got caught (as Ainosuke didn't want to tell the anyone about his brother). You can tell that, depending on the ratings for this, they will want to continue with the storyline. But because the story is original (as in, it has nothing to be backed up like Tantei Gakuen Q, which has the manga), the producers and directors are playing it safe. But I'll bet there will be a continuation for it.

But, all in all, I really do hope that there will be a continuation, hopefully with the same casts. Because I want to see Satomi in a drama again. Guest appearances and specials do not count! >___<;; They set up a decent back story, if the writer try hard, I think it could work. Well, if they want to do a Special 2, I guess I wouldn't mind as well.

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