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Fukuda Mayuko conveys the charms of Yamaguchi.

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Fukuda MayukoFrom Sanspo.
Fukuda Mayuko conveys the charms of Yamaguchi.

On October 22, actress, Fukuda Mayuko (15), attend a Yamaguchi prefecture PR event at Haneda airport (Tokyo). This even is to promote the charms of Yamaguchi prefecture to the world.

Because the protagonist, Shinko, in the anime "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" was nominated to be "Yamaguchi prefecture special ambassador", serving as the voice to Shinko, Fukuda Mayuko was presented for the special inauguration. "Because my grandfather live in Shunan city (of Yamaguchi prefecture), I usually visit twice a year. Yamaguchi is like my home town." said Fukuda Mayuko, who was born in Tokyo, with a smile.

Yamaguchi is famous for its fugu and goosefish, "By the way, kamaboko is also delicious." 'Fukuda Genzen' recommened. "I will do my best to present the charms of Yamaguchi to Japan and the world with high spirits!" she expressed with overflowing love for her hometown.

The movie, set in 1955 with the rural landscape of Yamaguchi Houfu city, is a story about an elementary girl Shinko and her friends and how they grow. "Shinko's harmonious era is give a warm feeling in this movie." She also said during the PR.

From goo.
Fukuda Mayuko Attending the "Yamaguchi Hometown Special Ambassador" Designation Ceremony.

Protagonist of "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" was elected to be "Yamaguchi hometown special ambassador". Shinko's voice actress, Fukuda Mayuko, was at Haneda airport's departure lobby for the setting up. There's an exhibition at the Yamaguchi prefecture sightseeing booth for the inauguration ceremony.

Fukuda Mayuko-san's grandfather is also a Yamaguchi prefecture resident! "Even now, around 2 times each year, I visit Yamaguchi. Using the advantage of this movie, I also hope others will become interested in Yamaguchi. Because kamaboko is delicious, please definitely buy it as a souvenir!"

Then, a letter from Shinko-chan was read by Fukuda-san. "To be a 'Yamaguchi hometown special ambassador' is an especially important job, I'm extremely happy. My heart is beating fast! With this movie, I hope to convey Yamaguchi's beauty to every one in Japan and everyone in the world! Aoki Shinko."

So far, Yamaguchi prefecture's "Hometown Yamaguchi ambassador" are actor Harada Daijirou, talent Matsumura Kunihiro, mangaka for the popular manga "Section Chief Shima Kousaku" (Kachou Shima Kousaku), and various famous people. This year, "Hometown Yamaguchi ambassador" goes to Akutagawa award winning novelist, Takagi Nobuku-san, who's the original writer for the movie "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou". Being the first anime character to become a special hometown ambassador for a prefecture is a great achievement.

At Haneda Airport, Fukuda Mayuko Passionate Yamaguchi PR Event.
Fukuda Mayuko
The protagonist of the anime (Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou) that depicting Yamaguchi prefecture, Maimai Shinko, was appointed "Yamaguchi hometown special ambassador". On October 22nd, the voice actress of Maimai Shinko, Fukuda Mayuko, attended an event at Haneda airport in Tokyo for this nomination announcement.

Akutagawa award writer, Takagi Nobuko's "Maimai Shinko" is an autobiography-like original story, depicting Yamaguchi's spontaneously rich era of showa 30. With a hair stick up showing her forehead (note: where her nickname maimai come from), 3rd grader Shinko and her friend shows their growth into adulthood. Other than Fukuda, Mizusawa Nako, Morisako Ei, and Honjo Manami also lend their voices for this movie.

Regarding Maimai Shinko, who's the exception of an anime character to became "special hometown ambassador", Fukuda said, "Shinko is someone who's very frank when she talk, she's a girl who can get to everyone's heart. She's someone that people will get attracted by."

When Fukuda was recieving the award for Shinko, she immediately say "My grandfather live in Yamaguchi, so I always visit him twice every year. Yamaguchi is also my hometown, and it is a intimate place. Hakugin's kamaboko is delicious, whenever you visit Yamaguchi, definitely try it." Furthermore, she personally handout the movie's special goods to the audiences presented at the entrance in Haneda airport as expected of an ambassador.

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