Friday, July 24, 2009

News: High school entrance exam preparation and at the same time, mastering “Yamaguchi-dialect”! Fukuda Mayuko is voice acting the lead part of an anime movie for the first time.

From Yahoo! Japan News.

It was announced on the 23rd that young actress, Fukuda Mayuko, is voice acting the lead part for the anime “Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou” (will air on November 21th). Beside from being 3rd year junior high student that is studying for entrance exam, Fukuda Mayuko is concurrently trying to master the speech of ‘Yamaguchi-dialect’. Fukuda’s character is “a child who even happy or angry is always genuine.” an insider revealed.

Pictures of Fukuda Mayuko and her co-actresses.

Getting noticed from costarring alongside TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya for the movie “Heaven’s Door” (airs this year, February) by Akutagawa Prize author from Hofu city of Yamaguchi prefecture, Takagi Nobuko, who wrote the novel with the same name, which is modeled from her childhood, Fukuda Mayuko will personally challenged herself for a second time at voice acting since “Piano no Mori” (2007). The stage is set around Showa year 30 (1955), “Takagi Nobuko’s detailed description in her original work is very helpful to portray.” Fukuda said about how the character was easily born by the setting.

Though originally from Tokyo, skillfully say things in dialect for her first leading role. Not fearing the high hurdle with enthusiastic, “I get nervous when make inquiries to Yamaguchi people about my Yamaguchi-dialect.” she humbly said. But from authorized personnel, “In any case, she’s an actress that’s very quick to learn. Even the spoken language with the local will not be pale in comparison because of her child roles; the stacked experiences of an actress will results.” adding a stamp of approval.

Appearing together is actress Honjou Manami, and child actress Morisako Ei (Chibi Maruko-chan SP). This movie is produced by animation studio Madhouse, who also produced “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” in 2006, which will be exhibit in Switzerland Locarno International Film Festival that is to be held next month.


I'm sorry. I barely understand this news so there might be some/a lot inaccuracy in translation. =_=;; If there are corrections that need to be made, please tell me. D: Japanese is hard. :(

I'm glad she has new works. This means more promotions and stuffs soon. :D You can read the description of the movie here.

The title of the movie is "マイマイ新子と千年の魔法", which roughly translates to "MaiMai Shinko and a thousand years of magic". Actually, I don't really know how to translate "Maimai Shinko" because I'm not sure if it's a name or "new kid Maimai" or "everyday Shinko". Lol. Whichever it is, it still sounds wrong. Okay, nevermind, the English title is "Mai Mai Miracle".

And you know what? Morisako Ei and Fukuda Mayuko is working together again since "Chibi Maruko-chan SP" and "Chibi Maruko-chan SP2". :D They played sisters in the specials. I wonder what kind of relationships their characters have now. ^__^ And Morisako Ei was really cute in Chibi Maruko-san, now she'd grown a lot, but still cute. ^___^;;

Mayuko is studying for her high school entrance exams. :D I wonder which school she is hoping for. :3 Well, best of luck to her. :)

Also found the trailer on youtube. :D No voice yet though.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Interview: 14 Years Old Girl Prodigy: Fukuda Mayuko, “I want to try on a normal uniform.”!?

From Tsutaya Online News.
Translation credit to me.. But I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense, Chinese and Japanese don't like to end sentences for some reason (jk). ^^;;

Fukuda Mayuko, costarring alongside TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya for Micheal Arias’ first live action film ‘Heaven’s Door’, who won the Japanese Academy Best Animation Award for ‘Tekkon Kinkreet’, will be talking about the theme of the movie and the objectives for the future.

Acting with exceeding presence and delicacy of the role of a child for this work, and also appearing in many other such as ‘L Change the World’, ’10 Promises to My Dog’, and the much discussed ‘GOEMON’, Fukuda Mayuko is currently a 14 years old, third year junior high student. “This year is where students are preparing for entrance exams.” with a laughing face, no matter where you look, she’s a normal junior high student. “But when you think about it, I’ve never play a normal student before. Since I never have a role where I can wear a uniform, if possible, I want to try.” said Fukuda. When asked whether balancing work and schoolwork is hard, “But, for the people going to school, even after school and during the holidays, they still have club activities, I think that’s hard. As for me, during my day off, I sleep. (laugh)” said the actress in the middle of busy work, disclosing her private life in the process.

For ‘Heaven’s Door’, playing a girl, who has an incurable disease and living in a hospital since young, know nothing about the outside world, 14 years old Harumi. This time, also playing a character that’s far from normal, but you can eventually sympathize with. “She’s a girl who’s trying to be a reliable cool grownup. But restlessly, the childishness in her slowly started to surface, I think that’s really how Harumi is. I think that to want to be seen as an adult, the usual feeling of overreaching yourself won’t change for junior high students.” said Fukuda. With many works so far had put adults to shame by her impressive performances, the girl showed a glimpse of her frankness with a genuine atmosphere during the talk.

After learning about the short remainder of their lives, 28 years old Masato (Nagase) and 14 years old girl (Fukuda) decided to sneak away from the hospital, eloping for the sake of receiving human’s greatest ending, ‘Heaven’s Door’ unfold into a fantastic road movie. “For these two, who are approaching death, with utmost effort living and considering only what’s directly in front of them, which I think is beautiful. Through this work, I want to convey the message of living for the moment.” Fukuda said when talking about the theme of the movie.

‘Heaven’s Door Standard Edition’ DVD will be on sale on July 15, 3990yen (including tax).
Sales Agency: Asmik Ace
Marketing Agency: Pony Canyon
‘Heaven’s Door’ Official Site