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Little DJ Interviews: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Because I think both of them are adorable, separately and/or together. :3

Translation credits are mine, but do spread the love. :D

In an interview for Move (ムーブ) with Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko.

-Kamiki mentions Fukuda teaching him Math.
"(Fukuda Mayuko-chan is) extremely diligent in teaching me Mathematics. Even though I didn't bring any homeworks, she will say 'How do you solve this?' and really try to teach me."
-Fukuda: "Even after I show (Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun) how to do the math problem, he will be like 'Ah~ Un~' or 'I think I kind of get it...?'." (Kamiki is still uncertain lol)


Hollywood Channel
[Little DJ ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatari]
Kamiki Ryunosuke, Fukuda Mayuko

Because up until now, no girl use my shoulder as a pillow, that's why I didn't know what kind of manner I should be in and was exremly nervous.
Wrapped in a warmth of nostalgic radio, this work present a 12 years old boy living earnestly with refreshing depiction. This work, which will make adults who were once boys and girls, as well as the active boys and girls remember the tears and the bittersweet of youth, which is due to the creation of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko costaring together. This time, we will listen to the story from these two directly.

Q.When I saw the movie, I cried a lot. For Kamiki-san, the first time reading the movie script, what kind of impression did you have?
Kamiki: The first time I read the scripts, even though they are only words, I could feel that to live is a very difficult thing. I thought that this message will be able to convey straighter (more direct) in the movie.

Q. How did you create your role?
Kamiki: There are many "first time" for me, illness and DJ... Also first love! Among these, the most challenging to portray was illness. Even though I was sick when I was younger, I don't remember it completely. Because I can't recall the experience of being ill, it was hard for me to understand the emotion of being sick. That's why I asked my family, put them all together and act my own way. As for DJ, there is a DJ at my company, and from that person, I was taught and was able to practice it.
Fukuda: Because I never experience love, I told my self "You need to learn this properly!", and research from a lot of people.

Q. Even though both of you are on good term, this is actually your first time co-starring together right?
Kamiki: Yes, that's right.
--From the first moment you met, and then shooting for the film, and then became friends, did your impression of each other change?
Kamiki: Un~... I wonder if it change? The first time we met, somehow I was really nervous... (laugh). But 'What kind of person is she?' I was really interested. And then, when we were filming together, I realized that 'She's a very leveled headed person'. I tend to change the subjects a lot when talking, but Fukuda-san usually put it back. She even helps me with my studies, it really save me (laugh).
--Huh? Isn't Kamiki-san a year older? But you need help with your studies?
Kamiki: I'm weak in Math (laugh)... I usually asked, "Hey! How do you do fractions?"
Fukuda: It's because my specialty is math (laugh).
--Even during filming you still talk about school?
Kamiki: That's right. For example, "There's an interesting teacher." and such, but I'm not very good at corresponding... (lowering his head to Fukuda-san) It was really unacceptable!
Fukuda: (laugh)

Q. So then, for Fukuda-san, what's your impression of Kamiki-kun?
Fukuda: From television, he has a very bright and cheerful image. Because I thought it will be nice to be friend with him, that's why the first meeting, I excitedly greeted "Good morning!!!". But he was "Ah, good morning...", and I thought "Huh? Is he alright?" (laugh). Because I'm good at making conversation with people, we gradually begin talking with each other. For this film, the first two weeks are on location at Hakodate, after that was at the set. After shooting in Hakodate, we became friend and talk a lot, after we returns to Tokyo, for just 2-3 days not meeting at the set, he return back to being Kamiki-kun at the begining. Kind of like "We're at the starting point again..." (laugh).
Kamiki: (turns to Fukuda-san and lower his head again) I apologize!

Q. For the two of you, in the movie, there are many bittersweet and cute scenes. Is there a scene that still remains in your heart?
Kamiki: About this... As for me, the scene when we were together, I still remember how nervous I was. Ah, the scene from the movie poster, where we were on a mountain and had to take shelter from the rain in a small box building, and then we have to sleep (laugh). Before shooting this scene, I was extremely nervous. Because up until now, no girl use my shoulder as a pillow! (laugh) "Ah, even though there's a bone that stick out, sorry about that." is what I was feeling at the time, I was really nervous... Yet, even though I was nervous, I was able to sleep (laugh).
-- As for the person next to the nervous Kamiki-san, how does Fukuda-san feel?
Fukuda: Yes, there was indeed a bone sticking out. Eh? We're not talking about that (laugh). Nnn~... I didn't feel nervous at all.
Kamiki: No way~ (laugh). No, I was really mentally strained. Bone as well (laugh). "Which position should be comfortatble for her." and also "What should I do???", I thought about it a lot.

Q. Fukuda-san, did you have a dokidoki scene?
Fukuda: At the end, with the confession scene, for that performance, my heart really beat hard.
--That sort of confession is really beautiful right?
Fukuda: That's right, to directly say it is really wonderful! Giving letter is no good. When I hear people say "It's too difficult or painful to directly say it, that's why I'll write a letter.", I thought "Is a direct confession really that difficult?". Even when thinking confessing is a hard thing but still able to convey their feelings, I would be happy.
Kamiki: Aa, I see... I did not think about that. I will do my best and study it (laugh).

Q. Kamiki-san did seiyuu (voice acting) works before, but did you think it was difficult portraying those that "use their voice to convey their thoughts"?
Kamiki: That's right. For radio as well, we can't see the speaker's face, but the feelings can be transmitted. Yet, after doing this role, I could once again realize the wonderfulness of the radio. While acting as Tarou, talking in the hospital, I'm aware that many people are listening. And to think that, there are some people some where, who are talking nationwide in realtime, and someone is listening. I think that it's really romantic and great.
--Do you prefer listening to the radio, or the person doing radio?
Kamiki: Definitely, directly say things is better! Writing letter is no good. (Note: This part, for some reason is directly copied from Fukuda's. It might be because they made a mistake typing, or Kamiki really learn from Fukuda earlier. lol)

Q. This question is for Fukuda-san, but between a younger boy and an older boy, which do you prefered?
Fukuda: An older boy.
--But Tarou that Kamiki-san played is a younger boy...
Fukuda: Aa, or even a younger boy, when a boy's became nervous, I would think "How cute!".
--So during filming did you think Kamiki-kun as cute?
Kamiki: No, that kind of overdone dokidoki is bad.
Fukuda: Ahaha. It's cute (laugh). Tarou's nervousness both during the camera test and the real thing is because Kamiki-kun is always nervous, this "origin" (directly from Kamiki's nervousness) or "extension of the role" is very cute.
Kamiki: It's totally from the "origin" (laugh).

Q. Lastly, please say something to the people that will watch this film.
Kamiki: For this movie, using the importance of words one by one to convey a person thoughts is very important, I'm continuously think about it. It teachs that even simple things or ordinary things can be extremely valuable. Please watch it as much as possible, I'll be happy if people can experiences the importance of people and things.
Fukuda: After watching this film, I thought that this work showing liking a person is great. I also notice from this work that "A person that's liked by someone" and "A person that like someone" both are wonderful feelings, definitely please watch it.

Editorial note:
Even though I'm tired after taking a lot of information, "It's alright! Thank you for your worried!" the wonderful Kamiki-sam said with a refreshing smile about the interview. And then Fukuda-san said "That necklace is very cute!" praising one's personal belonging. Even one year older, Kamiki-san still appologized to Fukuda-san during the photography time... These series of events causes one to smile more, the sweetness from these two can cause anyone present to be knockout.
Interviewer: Miyazaki Sayaka.