Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VOICE 10: Othello buddies

Story continued from last week with Ryosuke's (Ikuta Toma) family hospital. Ryosuke asked Sakurai wife to try forensic in order to determine the death of her husband. She agreed. His dad found out about it. He's not worried. It turned out that they weren't able to find anything, which disappointed Ryosuke.

Where's the doushite for this week? D:<

Kaji (Eita) went by himself to Sakurai-san's house to ask more information. On a note, his wife found Sakurai-san wrote "18 金 (Kin)". Ryosuke, instead, went and confront the doctor in charge of the husband. In order to understand the victim more, Aki (Ishihara Satomi) begin reading his book. After discussing for a bit with the team, Ryosuke and Hanei (Sato Tomohito) ride Hanei's mom's motorbike to Teppei's (Endo Yuya) hometown (Sendai). Hanei's mom owning a bike cracked me up. XD;;

Team AkiKaji continued their search on the mysterious "18 Kin".

On Ryosuke and Hanei bike trip to Sendai, Ryosuke remember to his and Fujio (Tanaka Kei) bike trip during high school (Episode 3). Teppei found in Sakurai-san blood that there are morphine. With the information from the trip, Ryosuke was able to force his dad into admitting his mistakes.

Kaji, instead found out that Ryosuke's dad and Sakurai-san both lived in the same dorm during their college day. Apparently they are Othello's playmates. XD;;

Tidbits: If you didn't know already, from Ishihara Satomi's web dairy (big thank you to Kawaii Joyuu for the translations), Voice team passed their time with competitions of Othello. For the record so far, Sato Tomohito won from the Aki Hanei match, Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi tied, Endo Yuya won from the Ryosuke Teppei match. XD;;

Unable to deal with the pain, and because of their close friendship, Sakurai-san asked Ryosuke's dad to let him die. Ryosuke's dad got arrested for his decisions.

Hanei and Ryosuke brought back omiyage from their Sendai trip and everyone prevented Aki from eating. XD;; Kaji's "You don't need any more calories" made me lol. Ryosuke hold down Aki, while putting his arm around her waist. XD;;;

This episode is not a Ryosuke's episode at all, even though Ryosuke occupied the majority of the scenes. The star of this episode is obviously Ryosuke's dad. He's an awesome actor, and his character is great!!!

I'm not sure if it's because of my meh-ness of Toma or my meh-ness of Ryosuke, but I was throughout bored of his scenes. Even though I know what he were doing are the right thing, I can't help but feel even more annoyed of him. :< Ryosuke is fine in his normal happy scene, but he's very very very boring in his dramatic and emotional scenes. D: Despite a whooping 2 and a half episodes focusing mainly on his character, I think Ryosuke is the most underdeveloped. Well, okay, maybe "underdeveloped" was the wrong term for him. But perhaps too focused, not as clean cut, or hard to sympathize with. Even with little scenes, Kuboragi-sensei (Izumiya Shigeru) and assistance professor Reiko (Yada Akiko) actually got some interesting tidbits going on with them.

I don't know if it's the lack of Aki, Kaji, Hanei, and Teppei, but I was zoning out the entire time, up until Kaji was telling the wife and Ryosuke about why Ryosuke dad let Sakurai-san's death happen. Now that was an emotional scene. Ryosuke's dad is a great actor! ;_;

Last episode, could it be, the close down of the Forensic department??!! Something happen to Professor Papa (Tokito Saburo)? I didn't see him at all. Kaji finally found his true calling in forensics.


  1. It's my pleasure to translate them, though they sometimes verged towards engrish :P Looks like you've enjoyed the student's interactions in VOICE. Same sentiments, notwithstanding the episodic storyline.

  2. Go ahead if you like. Please edit for clarity and accuracy. As I'm curious about the end product, please let me know when it's done.