Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VOICE 09: Truth

I just did something REALLY stupid. D:

Window washer fall down from a tall building. Instant death.

Doushite? Why do you left the open book face down? Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) replied, because I haven't done reading it yet. Also, there are books that can be put like that without being ruin, and this is such book. Kaji (Eita) then closed Ryosuke's big book, and open it again to the opening of page 777. Ryosuke and Kaji got excited over it while Aki (Ishihara Satomi) rolled her eyes. lol

I have to agree with Aki and Kaji about ruining the book if it's placed face down like that. Apparently, Ryosuke's bad habit of ruining books is taken from his dad. D:

Already 5.5 minutes into the show and Hanei-nii (Sato Tomohito) and Teppei (Endo Yuya) haven't appeared yet!! D: Well, I didn't count the blurry shape of Teppei in the background during the autopsy part. Another note, AkiKaji team autopsy with Ryosuke backup.

Team Aki Kaji went to the site to understand more about the victim's death. They then went and meet up the victim's family. His son is cute.. lol.

OMG.. Did I just see Teppei putting the tip of the centrifuge on with his bare hand??? That's a BIG no no in lab!! What worst is that Kaburagi-sensei (Izumiya Shigeru) doesn't even flinch at it! O_________O;;

Troubles are boiling for Ryosuke's dad from one of his sick and rich patient, Sakurai-san. During the night, the pateint died while just hours before, Ryosuke's dad thought he was recovering. Ryosuke happens to see the wife and his dad's conversation.

Kya~ kya~ moment! XD;; Aki got accepted to the university in America (the interview from last episode). Aki, apparently waiting for some reaction from Kaji, but Kaji is too oblivious. XD;; He did gave her a meaningful glance.

Anyways, they decided to throw a party for Aki at Teppei's apartment. They pretty much all got drunk. lol.

More moment!!!! XD;; Kaji walk Aki home again. It started to rain, and Kaji miraculously taken a umbrella out from his big coat pocket and held it over Aki, totally ignoring his wet self. They walked and talked for a bit, or at least until Kaji felt himself partially soaked. Kaji was pondering (whether to get closer under the umbrella with Aki or not) for a few second. But feeling embarrass, he dashs off, leaving the umbrella with Aki, looking at his back. <3

Apparently the doctor in charge of Sakurai-san made a mistake with the diagnosis. Ryosuke's dad told him to forget that it ever happens, but Ryosuke found out about it. Ryosuke tried to talk to his dad, but held back.

The victim was founded to committed suicide, possibly for insurance money. The wife wasn't too happy with their answer, causing the team to think back to the reasons why they are in forensics, aka lots of flashbacks. This episode, we don't have any Kaji doing his odd thinking before reasoning with the victim's son about the reason why/how the dad committed suicide. D: Probably because of the long flashback. :x

After considering it for a while, Ryosuke told the truth to Sakurai's wife of the mistake. The gap between Ryosuke and his dad, once again widen as seen in the preview for the next episode.

For some reason, I like this story about the suicide, even though it seems side tracked to Ryosuke's dad build up story for next week. My guess for episode 10 is that Ryosuke and his dad make peace, while the last episode will be about Aki leaving for America, facilitate the development of feelings from Kaji. Can't wait. I don't care about the fight between Ryosuke and his dad though. But I think this episode showed that Ryosuke's dad is getting old, and he need a successor asap. D:

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