Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Just finished the last episode of VOICE~!!

I am dazzled by the AkiKaji cuteness~~

I just want to say, everyone should watch the last episode!!!!

Too lazy, will blog about it later. >:P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VOICE 10: Othello buddies

Story continued from last week with Ryosuke's (Ikuta Toma) family hospital. Ryosuke asked Sakurai wife to try forensic in order to determine the death of her husband. She agreed. His dad found out about it. He's not worried. It turned out that they weren't able to find anything, which disappointed Ryosuke.

Where's the doushite for this week? D:<

Kaji (Eita) went by himself to Sakurai-san's house to ask more information. On a note, his wife found Sakurai-san wrote "18 金 (Kin)". Ryosuke, instead, went and confront the doctor in charge of the husband. In order to understand the victim more, Aki (Ishihara Satomi) begin reading his book. After discussing for a bit with the team, Ryosuke and Hanei (Sato Tomohito) ride Hanei's mom's motorbike to Teppei's (Endo Yuya) hometown (Sendai). Hanei's mom owning a bike cracked me up. XD;;

Team AkiKaji continued their search on the mysterious "18 Kin".

On Ryosuke and Hanei bike trip to Sendai, Ryosuke remember to his and Fujio (Tanaka Kei) bike trip during high school (Episode 3). Teppei found in Sakurai-san blood that there are morphine. With the information from the trip, Ryosuke was able to force his dad into admitting his mistakes.

Kaji, instead found out that Ryosuke's dad and Sakurai-san both lived in the same dorm during their college day. Apparently they are Othello's playmates. XD;;

Tidbits: If you didn't know already, from Ishihara Satomi's web dairy (big thank you to Kawaii Joyuu for the translations), Voice team passed their time with competitions of Othello. For the record so far, Sato Tomohito won from the Aki Hanei match, Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi tied, Endo Yuya won from the Ryosuke Teppei match. XD;;

Unable to deal with the pain, and because of their close friendship, Sakurai-san asked Ryosuke's dad to let him die. Ryosuke's dad got arrested for his decisions.

Hanei and Ryosuke brought back omiyage from their Sendai trip and everyone prevented Aki from eating. XD;; Kaji's "You don't need any more calories" made me lol. Ryosuke hold down Aki, while putting his arm around her waist. XD;;;

This episode is not a Ryosuke's episode at all, even though Ryosuke occupied the majority of the scenes. The star of this episode is obviously Ryosuke's dad. He's an awesome actor, and his character is great!!!

I'm not sure if it's because of my meh-ness of Toma or my meh-ness of Ryosuke, but I was throughout bored of his scenes. Even though I know what he were doing are the right thing, I can't help but feel even more annoyed of him. :< Ryosuke is fine in his normal happy scene, but he's very very very boring in his dramatic and emotional scenes. D: Despite a whooping 2 and a half episodes focusing mainly on his character, I think Ryosuke is the most underdeveloped. Well, okay, maybe "underdeveloped" was the wrong term for him. But perhaps too focused, not as clean cut, or hard to sympathize with. Even with little scenes, Kuboragi-sensei (Izumiya Shigeru) and assistance professor Reiko (Yada Akiko) actually got some interesting tidbits going on with them.

I don't know if it's the lack of Aki, Kaji, Hanei, and Teppei, but I was zoning out the entire time, up until Kaji was telling the wife and Ryosuke about why Ryosuke dad let Sakurai-san's death happen. Now that was an emotional scene. Ryosuke's dad is a great actor! ;_;

Last episode, could it be, the close down of the Forensic department??!! Something happen to Professor Papa (Tokito Saburo)? I didn't see him at all. Kaji finally found his true calling in forensics.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VOICE 09: Truth

I just did something REALLY stupid. D:

Window washer fall down from a tall building. Instant death.

Doushite? Why do you left the open book face down? Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) replied, because I haven't done reading it yet. Also, there are books that can be put like that without being ruin, and this is such book. Kaji (Eita) then closed Ryosuke's big book, and open it again to the opening of page 777. Ryosuke and Kaji got excited over it while Aki (Ishihara Satomi) rolled her eyes. lol

I have to agree with Aki and Kaji about ruining the book if it's placed face down like that. Apparently, Ryosuke's bad habit of ruining books is taken from his dad. D:

Already 5.5 minutes into the show and Hanei-nii (Sato Tomohito) and Teppei (Endo Yuya) haven't appeared yet!! D: Well, I didn't count the blurry shape of Teppei in the background during the autopsy part. Another note, AkiKaji team autopsy with Ryosuke backup.

Team Aki Kaji went to the site to understand more about the victim's death. They then went and meet up the victim's family. His son is cute.. lol.

OMG.. Did I just see Teppei putting the tip of the centrifuge on with his bare hand??? That's a BIG no no in lab!! What worst is that Kaburagi-sensei (Izumiya Shigeru) doesn't even flinch at it! O_________O;;

Troubles are boiling for Ryosuke's dad from one of his sick and rich patient, Sakurai-san. During the night, the pateint died while just hours before, Ryosuke's dad thought he was recovering. Ryosuke happens to see the wife and his dad's conversation.

Kya~ kya~ moment! XD;; Aki got accepted to the university in America (the interview from last episode). Aki, apparently waiting for some reaction from Kaji, but Kaji is too oblivious. XD;; He did gave her a meaningful glance.

Anyways, they decided to throw a party for Aki at Teppei's apartment. They pretty much all got drunk. lol.

More moment!!!! XD;; Kaji walk Aki home again. It started to rain, and Kaji miraculously taken a umbrella out from his big coat pocket and held it over Aki, totally ignoring his wet self. They walked and talked for a bit, or at least until Kaji felt himself partially soaked. Kaji was pondering (whether to get closer under the umbrella with Aki or not) for a few second. But feeling embarrass, he dashs off, leaving the umbrella with Aki, looking at his back. <3

Apparently the doctor in charge of Sakurai-san made a mistake with the diagnosis. Ryosuke's dad told him to forget that it ever happens, but Ryosuke found out about it. Ryosuke tried to talk to his dad, but held back.

The victim was founded to committed suicide, possibly for insurance money. The wife wasn't too happy with their answer, causing the team to think back to the reasons why they are in forensics, aka lots of flashbacks. This episode, we don't have any Kaji doing his odd thinking before reasoning with the victim's son about the reason why/how the dad committed suicide. D: Probably because of the long flashback. :x

After considering it for a while, Ryosuke told the truth to Sakurai's wife of the mistake. The gap between Ryosuke and his dad, once again widen as seen in the preview for the next episode.

For some reason, I like this story about the suicide, even though it seems side tracked to Ryosuke's dad build up story for next week. My guess for episode 10 is that Ryosuke and his dad make peace, while the last episode will be about Aki leaving for America, facilitate the development of feelings from Kaji. Can't wait. I don't care about the fight between Ryosuke and his dad though. But I think this episode showed that Ryosuke's dad is getting old, and he need a successor asap. D:

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm writing this as school due to the lack of time to watch it at home. D: The next two weeks are going to be midterm week.

The story started with a burned house, with a fainted person and a kid wrapped in carpet. Doushite of the week, why do you buy two of the same thing? Teppei (Endo Yuya) replied, of course, one is for watching and the other is for collecting. That's why he's always broke, see? Lol. Kaji (Eita), Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma), and Hanei-nii (Sato Tomohito) then tried to open one of the DVD, much to Teppei's displease.

Aki (Ishihara Satomi) isn't hanging out with the team due to a paper project due the next day.

This episode is obviously Teppei central. Teppei told the reason he want to go into forensic (hobby related).

Aki is having an interview with the higher up, thus Aki asked Teppei to substitute her for the dissection part. After the dissection, he got distracted and drop and cut himself with the glass containing the human part which cause professor Papa (Tokito Saburo) to be very worried.
Because of the accident, Teppei need to stay in hospital to have a full check up. The guys came to cheer him up. . Of course Aki felt worried, possibly blaming herself. Kaji noticed.

Teppei decided to himself whether he's going to be sick or not, he's going to drop out from forensics. >_<;;

Kaji, oblivious to everyone's concern about Teppei, want to learn about the victim's death. He tried to console Hanei-nii and Aki, telling them that Teppei wouldn't want them to worry about him, and thus he continued his investigation alone. Aki is then consoled by professor Papa, while Hanei-nii talked to assistant professor Reiko (Yada Akiko). Ryonosuke talk to his dad. I think he's starting to accept his decision to go into forensics. Taken by professor Papa's words, Aki helps Kaburagi-sensei (Izumiya Shigeru) out with the lab work.

For the first time, Kaji is unable to explain the boy's death the the family. Lol. Kaji is shocked. Instead, he told the team. The victim is apparently a big fan of CSI. He doesn't only has 2 sets, he has 3 sets, one to watch, one to collect, and the last for present. XD;; In order to save the kid from the fire, the victim wrapped him in carpet, but the boy still died. Kaji's induction enable Teppei to stay.

In order to pray for Teppei's health, everyone bought omamori from the nearby shrine. Hanei-nii in particular bought 10. lol. XD;; Hanei-nii is the best. Lol. In the end, Teppei is alright. If he wasn't I'll be extremely disappointed.

What I really like from Voice, is the Voice team. All of them bring in a different personality and ability to the team, which made the team great. Together, they are hillarious. Kaji got creative reasoning. Ryosuke bring in the knot that ties everyone together. Aki have the classic techniques. Hanei is the encyclopedia. And Teppei is like an enthusiastic and he got the experiments and lab data. Without any one of them, I don't know how great Voice will be, but there will definitely something missing.

Overall, this episode contains major emotional scene from many of the casts, mainly Teppei. I like his scene when he was crying as he listen to his mom talk. I was kind of sniffing. T_T

Next week episode, a suicide caused Ryosuke's dad trouble. Next week is a Ryosuke centered episode. Funny how whenever Ryonosuke is in trouble, he always like to be alone. I suddenly called Ryosuke Ryonosuke, just now. D: Wonder why.