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VOICE 07: Wake-up message

Lack of sleep because of a paper that's due today, so my thought process are going to be all over the place, not that it haven't been before...

Kaji (Eita), Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma), and Teppei (Endo Yuya) are having a sleep over at Teppei's apartment. The Doushite of the week: Why do you hit the snooze button when you still have to wake up anyways? This bothered Ryosuke a lot since the time between the snooze is precious. lol

Hanei (Sato Tomohito) and Kaji are in charge for the autopsy this week, their first time. Hanei, who had always been faint of corpse, of course feel nervous, but he assured Kaji he's going to manage. Though before any cutting was done, they were interupted by the victim's husband. Apparently he doesn't want them cutting up his wife. Aki (Ishihara Satomi), who felt the victim's death somewhat similar to her mom, try to persuaded the husband on letting them do the autopsy. She was declined.

Eita's Kaji's smile is so cute!!

Anyways, they tried going to his home (shoe maker's house) to persuade him, but instead helping him moved his washer. Aki then told the husband of her mother's death, and feelings, hoping he would reconsider, but no luck. Depressed Aki caused Kaji to worry. >:3

Hanei-nii (as I will call him from now on ever since last episode of him acting like a big brother), is depressed and worried about unable doing the autopsies. Assistant sensei Reiko (Yada Akiko) told him if he can't, then just give up studying forensics. The upset Hanei-nii ran away. Ryosuke tried to follow, but was stopped. Later, in his restaurant, Hanei-nii continued being depressed, thus Ryosuke and Teppei consoled him. <3

Kaji and Aki visit the shoe maker again for more bonding, dog included. At the end of the day, due to the lacks of clues, Aki walked home dejectedly, causing Kaji to worry even more. His stares to Aki's back made me go "Kya~ Kya~!" again. lol.. I'm sorry.. >_<;; After finding figure out something, Kaji (specifically) pulled Aki along to visit the shoe maker again. Aki is being pulled along by Kaji a lot in this episode. <3 (Keyhole is breaking up on me.. =_=;; Can't hear what's going on!!)

"I'm not doing this for my self. I'm doing this for the victims."

They asked once again, and the shoe maker finally give them the ok. Hanei-nii assured Reiko that he will be able to do the autopsies. >o<;; Due to Aki's strong emotions and Kaji's persistence, they are able to get the permission of the shoe maker for his wife's autopsy, thus the professor (Tokito Saburo) told them to bring the shoe maker's the results. The wife had cancer, and she knew she was going to die soon, thus she prepared many things for her husband.

The scene from the preview!! On the way home, Aki was sniffing, using his weird way of cheering her up, Kaji pushed his face close to her, smile and walk off leaving the confuse Aki and me. But Aki is cheered up, while I'm still confused.

The shoe maker was able to live with his wife's voice waking him up every mornings. Kaji was forced to pay for Aki's new shoe, which he refused but reluctantly payed in the end. XD;;

This episode, I thought they are going to let the seminar students begin their first human dissection, but apparently not. Hanei-nii's moment of triumph is also not shown. In fact, I'm not even sure if he succeed with his first autopsy at all, or faint midway. Well, as least he looks confident enough when he was told to open the flesh.

I understand the cost of doing medical/surgery shows, so I don't mind the lacks of any actual medical happenings and I don't expect much, after all, VOICE is all about the human interactions. But at least showed up Hanei-nii breathing a sign of relief on the sofa after his job well done, you know. I guess this is the major draw back of this episode.

There is also lacks of excitement on my highest expectant scene from last week's preview. But a surplus of worried Kaji over Aki made it up for me. XD;; I'm not complaining. >:3

Next week preview, something's going on with Teppei where Aki is feeling responsible(?). Teppei in the hospital, which leads to emo Hanei-nii (?!). Aki going through an interview?

Voice Ep 08 Preview

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