Monday, February 16, 2009

VOICE 06: Siblings

random: Eita's little brother also made an appearance as well, along with Horikita Maki, in a cellphone commercial. XD;; lol.

Shida Mirai (Tomoko-chan) and with her brother is brought to the hospital.

Aki (Ishihara Satomi) begin the episode with a sneeze, and thus Kaji begin his "doushite". Only less than 5 minutes into the show and the Aki teasing is back!! >:D

And here I am, going wtf are they doing, as Kaji (Eita), Hanei (Sato Tomohito), and Teppei (Endo Yuya) are (1) stare and inhale at the sun, and (2) stare at the light while trying to figure out the reason behind Aki's sneeze. *waitforsub*

Yuuki-kun (Tomiura Satoshi) came for a few days to visit his beloved sister. He also spilled all the beans that Aki can't cook anything except one dish, which the guys forced Aki to make it for them (again). Kaji gloated that he knew she can't cook all along (from episode 02). Yuuki-kun suddenly start to sneeze, Kansai style, which surprise Kaji. XD;;

This time around, Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) was splited from the team, and along with assistant professor Reiko (Yada Akiko) to discover Tomoko-chan's problem. Reiko then met up with Ryosuke's father while Ryosuke hang out with Tomoka. Later on Ryosuke and Kaji formed a team to continue the investigation and the confrontation with Tomoko's onii-chan.

Apparently, Aki's infamous food is natto with rice. XD;; Everyone looks grossed out, while Yuuki looks extremely proud of his sister. <3 align="center">
So, uh.... the ending is Tomoko's brother did something bad? Therefore they have to separate?! The case for this episode is pretty confusing with my limited/nonexistence Japanese, so I didn't really get that much from this except Yuki-kun is an adorable little brother!!! <3>an AkiKaji kiss???? *___________* Now I need to wait for the download version to make sure!!! >_<;; Also, not too sure, but I think Ryosuke is sporting Akira's (YamaP character in Nobita wo Produce) sleeping hair while arguing (probably with Kaji) in his futon.

I'm curious, but it's probably not a kiss, definitely! It's only just the 7th episode, they can't begin the AkiKaji couple that fast! Nope nope.. D: He's probably just coming over to take something out of her hair or something. >_<;; Or maybe I was seeing things during that less than a sec scene.. I don't know. I'll wait for the download file. =_=;;

After watching it carefully again, yup, it's not a kiss! Even though I knew it all along, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. >_<;;

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