Monday, February 9, 2009

VOICE 04: Keitai

Tanaka Kei is cute!

Waterboys was my second japanese drama (first being Summer Snow). Beside from Eita, I also really like Tanaka Kei (even though not as much as Eita). He acted as the best friend of Yamada Takayuki. Even though his role was somewhat small, he's still great eyecandy. >:3

In this episode, Tanaka Kei (or Fujio) is Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) best friend from highschool. Similar to Ryosuke, Fujio have a doctor dad where he'll have to inherit his hospital later. The only differences is that Fujio is actually willing to take over and that he got caught up with bad crowd. In the end, his death enabled Ryosuke to confront his own dad about going into Forensic.

I actually watch this episode a few times, but I have to say, similar to Aki's centered episode, it was pretty boring. Ryosuke and Fujio was cute. The guys trying to dress up for preparation to Valentine Day was fun to watch. AkiKaji arguing over foods and how to encourage Ryosuke was funny. Other than that, it was alright, not that special. The reason for Fujio's dead, while quite noble (and a bit stupid), just doesn't make me sniff like the first two episodes.

Kaji sheding a tear over the drop in ratings.

Next episode, Kaji feeding Aki!! <3

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