Friday, February 13, 2009

Uhhhhhh... WHAT?!

From the front page of Hello!Online website, from July 2-5, Morning Musume will be guest honor for Anime Expo convention in LA, California!!!


*brain unfreezes*


So my friend and I was planning on going on a trip to San Francisco this summer a few days ago. I said I want to go!! But we'll be in San Francisco instead, and I'm not sure on the exact date, but but, hopefully, I'll be able to go!! *_*

If I'm able to go, it's in San Francisco, but, my cousin actually lives in LA at the moment!!! I have a roof over my head to stay in for free!!! FREE!

But, I also kind of planning to go to Dallas Texas' A-kon. LOTS of my classmates are going to be there!! :D And it's around the same day at LA's Anime Expo... D:

But, if I really can't make it, one of my Japanese kouhai is going to California, sometimes in the summer to see Korean's Wonder's Girls in concert, and she's also a H!P and Momusu fan, so if things come to worst.... I'll leech all her pictures and stories!! *___* Now, must tell her the wonderful news!!! >:D

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