Monday, January 19, 2009

VOICE 02: Tamago

Yes, that IS Eita. XD;;

I have to decide whether or not to name this Tamago, or The Last Supper, but of course Tamago wins. :)

Episode 2 started with a guy died from electrocution, on the way home from the store. Next to him was a bag/carton of eggs. A few hours before, his wife made an unhappy comment before she left the house.. After she came back, she saw his wedding ring on the counter, assuming that he want to split.

After checking out the crime scene, they decided to eat. Aki (Ishihara Satomi) suggested sukiyaki much to Kaji's surprise.

During the meal, Ishimatsu Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) wondered if Aki can cook, which she casually replied, "of course". Of course, Kaji Daiki (Eita) told her that she is lying. "If you can't cook, then just say you can't!" Defensive Aki continued to claim that she can. So everyone told her to prove it and cook the next meal for them. Lol.

Days later, Teppei (Endo Yuya) and Hanei (Sato Tomohito) brought her some ingredients, and told Aki to make something and prove of her expertise. Which you can obviously tell from the preparation stage.
(As Aki was cutting up some carrots)
Ryosuke: That is not how you cut carrots!!
Aki: That's because you guys keep staring!!! >_<;;

Hanei also brought some food for them. He tried to heat it up but apparently the gas was off, luckily for Aki. But her quick change in expression cannot miss Kaji's eyes. The way Kaji imitated her sign of relief is very funny. Since the stove can't turn on, they decided to go to Hanei's Okinawa themed restaurant. More discussion with Hanei's mom, and thus Kaji got a quick idea that will later helps lead to solving the case.

At one point of the show, the professor (Tokito Saburo) asked Aki why she want to be in Forensic department. After a quick consideration, she replied that it's because she saw a movie and thought Forensics looks cool. You bet she's going to eat up her words later, because the next episode is where the team found out the reason of her going into Forensic. The begining of the preview for the next episode is so cute! When Ryosuke and Kaji called out "Aki-channn~~~!" XD;; I hope there will be an appearance of her brother too. I'm really looking forward to that. Professor also talk to Kaji about something as well, but I didn't catch.

Kaji: Such a troublesome girl! (mendosai onna)
Aki: Eh?

Kaji sure like to tease Aki, kinda similar to a young boy making fun of the girl he likes. It's cute! I'm not trying to ship them, I swear! >_<;; Kaji Daiki is adorable!

More caps:

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