Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keichan speaking Kansai ben. <3

Currently, I'm watching TOKIO ~Chichi e no Dengon~ staring TOKIO's member Kokubun Taichi and Arashi's Sakurai Sho. Subs was done thanks to STORMY team sub (Aiba!!! <3).

I never really thought that it's possible for Johnnys and H!P to be in the same drama, with the exception of Nakazawa Yuko in Gokusen, but Yasuda Kei proved me wrong. Keichan made an appearance in episode 8 as one of the worker for a bar, whom is also bff with  Kokubun Taichi's ex-girlfriend. Apparently she also had a pretty dark past from the look of the preview for the next episode.

Anyways, since her character is living in Osaka, she got to speak in Kansai ben. Now I'm not an expert on Japanese dialects, but from what I'd seen so far, it was pretty darn amazing. Since her role was pretty significant in this episode, we got a whooping 5 minutes of Keichan's screen time. Lol. It's only a 15 minutes show, so 5 minutes of 15 is already 1 third of the show. Pretty significant don't you think? Her acting so far? I thought it wasn't too bad, but it's only 5 minutes, so can't say too much. But Keichan is pretty!

If anyone is interested in seeing Keichan's acting, do check out STORMY team sub, or D-Addicts, or Jpopsuki. I'm not sure where I got the files, but they are pretty recent.

On another note, Otsuka Ai's Daisuki Dayo is the ending theme for this 15 minutes drama!!! :3

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