Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VOICE: Kaji Daiki is LOVE

I think I'm really in love with Kaji Daiki. Everything he does is just so adorable. <3 Eita is truly an amazing actor. The childish habits that that Eita made Kaji do is just so lovable.. lol.. I have to say, it's even cuter than Kenichi Matsuyama's L from Death Note, or maybe I'm just bias (but I love L too).

I've been waiting for this drama to air forever ever since I first heard about it!! Managed to watch the SP of Voice live on Keyhole because it wasn't my bed time. But I wake up an hour late so I didn't get to watch Voice live. Thanks to the streaming site from D-Addicts Voice forum, I just finished watching it.

When I first heard that the production staffs for Voice also worked on Proposal Daigakusen and Honey and Clover drama, I was quite worried, since I thought both drama were very very very boring. After watching the first episode of Voice though, all my doubts pretty much flew away. It's a very heart warming and funny drama. There aren't that much mystery, or at least not for me without subs, but the 5 casts' chemistry are there.

Ishihara Satomi (Kuboaki Kanako or Aki-chan) interactions between the 4 other guys are very natural. I especially lover the interaction between Aki and Kaji. There are not yet any love moments, but definitely the growing respects of Aki to Kaji is good. Even when she disagreeing with his methods, I thought they are kinda cute. Oh no, I think I'm starting to ship them. :x But the first sceen where Kaji was slapped, was hillarious. On another note, Satomi's hair is REALLY pretty! *___*

Ikuta Toma (Ishimatsu Ryosuke) did very well with his bottled-up-inner-feelings expression. Kaji and Ishimatsu actually do looks like best friend. I actually found him very enjoyable here (and the hospital scene with the nurse, kinda cute). Endo Yuya (Kirihata Teppei) and Sato Tomohito (Hanei Akira) are funny, but I do feel sorry for Kirihata though.

Even though it's only the first episode, aka I shouldn't be too quick to judge, but the first episode is good. Actually, the first 5-10 minutes did it for me! My favorite part in the whole drama!! When Kaji innocently commented on Aki's smell, Ishimatsu took a very close sniff, and the slap. Gahahaha. Too funny!!

I am a fangirl, so I do recommend it.

edit: DMT graciously wrote all about Eita in the Voice promotions that aired on Monday. Thank you very much! If you look at the Eita's tag, DMT-san also wrote about the Nakai's Super Special Drama Festival as well, which I also recommend reading. XD;; In facts, just do what I did, and read everything! :D


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  2. You're welcome~ btw, I think fans of Eita and Satomi are more active in JP, CN, TW and HK but they hardly post in English.