Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mixed feelings..

Takahashi Ai, current leader of Morning Musume, is going to star in a detective manga turns NHK drama, “Q.E.D Shoumei Shuryou”. The show will airs during the coming Winter dorama season, starting on January, every Thursday at 8:00.

Aichan will plays as the second main lead, Mizuhara Kana. Her character is similar to that of Ran Mori from Detective Conan, the strong, popular, tomboy who "assists" the child genius detective. For some reason, I keep imagine Tsubotsuboman doing the force laugh all through the drama. Other casts include Nakamura Aoi as her sidekick (or the other way around) and Ishiguro Ken (I like him in CHANGE with Kimutaku).

Now, as we all know, around a month ago, Aichan, along side with 5th gen member Niigaki Risa, played a small role in a drama special called "Hitmaker Aku Yuu Monogatari" as Mie of the duo Pink Lady. It was the first time that Aichan ever try acting outside of H!P projects. While her performance of Pepper Keibu was very good, with charisma in all directions, the acting part was mediocre. We cannot forget the fact that with so little time for Pink Lady scenes, she wasn't able to show us what she's capable of. But even if she did have more time, we all know the star of that show is the real Yamaguchi Momoe (not the actress who played her).

Jump even futher back with the Eco show about beetles, the New Year period special, MiniMoni's Brementown Musicians, Angel's Hearts, as well as all those H!P movies. In all of these shows, the only drama that I thought her acting was decent is MiniMoni's Brementown Musicians. The rest, while Aichan looked pretty/cute, the overall actings in them are lacking and exaggerated (for everyone, not just Aichan). This made me come to a sad conclusion that H!P idols are not actresses.

I know, I always said "Let them try non H!P dorama!" But now that it's coming true, I can't help but felt a bit worried. Will she really be okay as Kana or will her exaggerate acting caused me to hate her character and the drama itself? Will UF* pull in even more MM members and caused the bad acting to rise/fall 2x or 3x? But even so, I'll probably be watching this show and praying that with the X numbers of episodes will helps Aichan grow as a better actress. I really hope she will prove me wrong. I don't mind being wrong.

Bad feeling aside, I personally think Aichan is quite lucky to be starring in a detective show. They are generally easy to do, since are usually case per episode, so if one case doesn't work out, the next might. Also, usually these shows have enough suspense that viewers can sit and watch it all the way. Even more so, this drama is based on manga, which means it has sufficient story foundation so that loop holes and inconsistences will be minimal.

I'll bet UF* will pull some strings and make the theme song sung by MM, or a solo balad as insert by leader. Well, just a few more months and things will be in open light.