Tuesday, December 11, 2007

M..M.. Mari?

While I was browsing jdorama.com, I came across a post about a kungfu based manga adaption to drama/movie called Kung-fu kun. It's japanese kungfu show due to air next year. Sound interesting enough.

After browsing the website a bit and becoming blinded by the amount of Japanese characters. I stumbled onto the cast page (which is what I'm trying to find in the first place). The first person to catch my eyes is none other than Yaguchi Mari.

According to babel, she'll be playing Sayuri, a classmate of Reiko-chan (Nanami Fujimoto).... As in the little girl that's friend with the monk. Uh... as in the LITTLE girl? So either Reiko-chan will be very smart or Yaguchi Mari will be playing a little girl. Well, I'm sure she will do fine since she is short.

Other cast include Sato Megumi as the teacher, and Juri Ueno as the employee of a sushi bar.

Not really sure if it's going to be a drama or special or movie, but I'll look forward to it.