Monday, November 19, 2007

What's up with the anti-Aichan movement?

I am amuse and shock at all the interesting insights to making a better Morning Musume. I just have 2 things to say.

Aichan- People keep saying that she is unable to fill in the shoe of Yossie and Miki. How is one person, who is completely different, able to fill in the shoe of 2 people? The math just doesn't add up. While I do think Aichan take too much parts in songs, but at least she has a strong voice to make up for it. I say lay low with Kusumi, and more duet lines with all members (just a personal reference).

Wota- I keep saying it over and over (mostly to myself), UFA should start breaking into drama instead of anime. I say, it's the anime that bringing in even more wota, since anime mainly target otaku and kids-to-be-otaku. Drama songs targets a larger audiences with a larger age group and it's free publicity. The only problem with this is the song need to be meaningful and beautiful.

If any of the girls are able to act in a drama, it means more fans, especially on haromoni@. The recent Johnny dramas showed me that, you don't have to be a good actor/actress to be in dramas. So, even if the girls are horrible actress, they still attract new fans. It's all about looks now. There are so many possibilities about dramas when you get down to it. I'll just leave that to your imagination.

Another strain of thought, watching my Japanese classmate singing and bobbing his head to the Buono opening of Shugo Chara is darn amusing. :)


  1. It may be true that otaku are the general audience for anime, but not the only. Take a closer look at the anime style UFA is breaking into. Kirarin Revolution, Shugo Chara, that Robby something; they are all anime, yes, but aimed at a different market: little girls.
    It's a similar formula as once worked with MiniMoni and those anime characters and Hamtaro and whatever. You could clearly see they got lots of little girls in their audience. I remember I watched, don't know where, a special program with MiniMoni and then there was Mari's graduation in it... I'll just say, there were lots of girls there.
    Sure wotas get all happy with these anime units, as they would get with anything having to do with H!P idols. But that's not to say anime isn't a great way to extend H!P's reach, if not into mainstream, then into another niche - children.

  2. Even tough I like the dorama's Idea It's really hard to think that there's a bigger entertainment bussines than Anime in japan, I really don't think they are targeted to only otakus but all kind of people there. And Otaku's are a really good market 'cause they have money and mostly not family yet, hey like for the anime, people that watch dorama are not that kind of die hard fan that sells a relative for a new DVD.
    Then anime reach any place in Asia (or the world) but Jdramas are not the same, Korea and China have really good ones (personally think Korean are the best). Even Gakisan like Korean dramas so much that she want to learn to speak korean.

  3. It's true about what you guys said about anime. Japan does have a monopoly over the anime industry. But I'm saying drama just because people "like" to have less wota fans.

    While anime might be a big thing about Japan from outsider point of view, but inside Japan, only a small portion are otaku. When one of my Japanese classmate ask a Japanese exchange student if he like anime, he said no, which just to show not all Japan like anime. Even though anime and drama are not reality, in drama and anime, usually the otakus are the one that's made fun of. And in a classroom setting, they take up only a small portion of the class. Also, I remembered in one of the recent Domoto Tsuyoshi variety show with Keiko Kitagawa, they walk around Akibahara and pretty much just laugh at the otaku culture (not rudely I don't think). Otaku do spent a lot of money on merchandises, but I would think, most of it are anime merchandises, figurines, DVDs, etc. Kids is a very good target, but they will grow up, grow out of anime (interests, peer pressures, etc), and into dramas.

    Outside of Japan, drama does have many competition, but all dramas are getting pretty bad as of late. Also, each country has a different theme that they tends to keep on reusing to the point of boredom. HK dramas are only good at their cop dramas. Korean are good at their romance dramas (the older ones are better, now I just think they are bad). Taiwanese are good at their manga-to-liveaction/idol dramas. And Chinese are very good at their ancient series. Japanese, on the other hand had a bigger variety in terms of themes (except for ancient), and many of their dramas are very good (even if most are bad).

    I'm not sure how much revenue they get outside of Japan, but I'm guessing it's not as much as inside of Japan no matter how vast the world is. So I think it's better to focus on something that give more watchers, which is drama. Plus, fans outside of Japan don't necessarily go to concerts, which is where most of the money come from, considered how many time a year they have concerts.

    So, how much revenue did they make outside of Japan anyways? :/

  4. Well, first I have to say I disagree with xacur, although it looks like we said the same thing. H!P going into anime isn't going to make them more mainstream. Otakus are socially rejected as much as wotas, there's no denying that, but this doesn't even matter because this isn't about the otaku. Their move with anime is to get another niche, which is true - Koharu was pointed among the children's favorites in a post I read at Junjou News some time ago. These girls will certainly grow up and never turn into an otaku, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that they buy the merchandise now, and that there will be other little girls to buy when these grow up.
    Of course getting into dramas would be great, it's publicity. Any publicity outside scandals is welcome. The thing is, H!P doesn't have a very impressive history of working on dramas; they don't have the kind of music for dramas; and they already have a bad image from the wotas. The mainstream audience has a prejudice with them, and that's hard to beat. Some of the Original Generation girls could even get some roles, but I can't imagine Koharu in a drama. The kind of music problem is easy to solve, just make a new unit and give it the right style; but I find it difficult to get a place in any drama while they don't change their image.
    Another thing... Dramas might give them more exposure, but not the kind that buys every kind of thing that comes out. That's wota and the kids. Have you ever seen a little girl buy things? Ever heard of Hello Kitty? Give them something cute with a recognized brand, created in a shoujo anime, and they'll buy it. Lots of it. Most of what otaku buy is indeed anime merchandise, but as I said, the objective here isn't otaku, it's little girls. Most otaku don't even care for these children's anime. It's working wonders, and it's easier than dramas.
    And (back to xacur) there's no way they're going to expand worldwide riding on the anime community. Not with these kinds of anime. They'll need a big hit in a big shoujo/shounen to get close to that.