Monday, November 19, 2007

What's up with the anti-Aichan movement?

I am amuse and shock at all the interesting insights to making a better Morning Musume. I just have 2 things to say.

Aichan- People keep saying that she is unable to fill in the shoe of Yossie and Miki. How is one person, who is completely different, able to fill in the shoe of 2 people? The math just doesn't add up. While I do think Aichan take too much parts in songs, but at least she has a strong voice to make up for it. I say lay low with Kusumi, and more duet lines with all members (just a personal reference).

Wota- I keep saying it over and over (mostly to myself), UFA should start breaking into drama instead of anime. I say, it's the anime that bringing in even more wota, since anime mainly target otaku and kids-to-be-otaku. Drama songs targets a larger audiences with a larger age group and it's free publicity. The only problem with this is the song need to be meaningful and beautiful.

If any of the girls are able to act in a drama, it means more fans, especially on haromoni@. The recent Johnny dramas showed me that, you don't have to be a good actor/actress to be in dramas. So, even if the girls are horrible actress, they still attract new fans. It's all about looks now. There are so many possibilities about dramas when you get down to it. I'll just leave that to your imagination.

Another strain of thought, watching my Japanese classmate singing and bobbing his head to the Buono opening of Shugo Chara is darn amusing. :)