Saturday, October 20, 2007

We like non-related twins!

They say, there's always a person out there in this world that look exactly like you. Well, it's true! Just look at some of these examples.

I'd just recently watch the first episode of Shugo Chara, the anime with H!P's Buono (Momoko, Miyabi, Airi) singing the ending theme. The anime is actually not bad at all, even though it's from Nakayoshi (Ribon's better :P). I think I'm going to continue watching it. And to my amusement, the main character, Hinamori Amu, reminded me so much of Tanaka Reina.

It's not really just her outfit, or the way she did her hair, their personality also kind of similar. Amu is a girl who has many characters. She's a shy girl who want to be her true self. In front of many people, she has on a cool face, but when she's alone, she's cute. When I was watching this, I wondered if the mangakas got their inspiration from Tanaka Reina herself (someone read the manga and tell me if it's true!). Because Amu reminded me of Reina and her continuous changes of appearances and personality. Sometimes, Reina is yankee, and other time she acts cute. Hecks, even Amu's outfit reminded me of Reina's Kanashimi Twilight outfit.

Of course, we all know and most agreed that Sugaya Risako and Sawajiri Erika look very a like. I just hope their personality don't match (yea, that Close Note incident, really, wow). I stumbled on a picture of a dollfie face (from Clea's Cave) while that reminded me of Risako, when she pout (can't find a good matching picture). Except for the eyes, I think they look very a like. :P Ball-joint dolls are each personal and handmade. How rare is it to have (or partially) your face on a doll what will be sold worldwide. (Another person that just reminded me of one of these dolls is Ueda Tatsuya from KAT-TUN.) Out of the 3, Risako gains the upper hand in looks/cuteness.

I personally think the ball-joint dolls are nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to own many as they are kind of creepy, and extremely expensive. As for Sawajiri Erika, I'd read the news about her acting rude first and I thought that the media done it again, they exaggerated on what happened. But when I went and watch the clip from YouTube, wow, she was just plain rude. Oh well, I'd never really like Erika much anyways.

Yajima Maimi is my favorite member in C-ute. I think as the grows she looks better and better. Toda Erika is one of my favorite young actress. As she grows she also looks better and better. When both of them are younger, they are not much of a looker. We all know Maimi was just a scrawny kid during the ZYX stage. I'd seen Erika younger photos and well, they are cute, but not pretty, kind of plain. After some time had pass, both of them became beauties and surprisingly, look a lot like each other. I don't know if it's a coincidence or do they just have the same type of gene. Looking at their pictures side by side, don't they look like they could be related by blood/sisters?