Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kinpachi Sensei 8th season confirmed

Konatatachi: 3-nen B-gumi, Kuroi-sensei
Kuroi: Hai Hai~

If you weren't aware about the recent beginning of Lucky Star, it's obviously referenced to Japan greatest teacher, Kinpachi sensei. While feeling nostalgias after hearing it the first time on Lucky Star, I thought "It would be so nice if they have another season of Kinpachi sensei." Of course, I know it will never come true as the ending of season 7, Kinpachi sensei decided to retired. But, surprise! Kinpachi Sensei season 8 is confirmed. YATTA!!

While the students had not yet been confirm, knowing past Kinpachi sensei seasons, my guess the male student are most likely will be Johnnies. :x But I hope one of the female student will be Fukuda Mayuko, preferably the main female student. lol. Erm, but I have a feeling it will be Shida Mirai, as she'd appeared in a many drama recently. :( And many of the casts are probably the students of The Queen's Classroom. Of course, the possibilities of having brand new child stars can also happen. But *cross fingers* Fukuda Mayuko, PLEASE!!

It would also be interesting if H!P kids are in it, but impossible. lol

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