Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heart of Greed

While I personally think that the recent TVB drama are somehow getting worst and worst, mostly due to the continually promotion of Miss HK or Miss Chinese International, Heart of Greed gave me a deep impression.

Heart of Greed is one of TVB 2007 big production series (40 eps), and it contains many great casts. To sum up the story in a few words, it's about struggle for the family fortune as well as romance inserted in between. Half of the show is about the Tong family, and the other half (the boring half) is about romance triangle/square between one of the son (Moses Chan), a lawyer in training (Linda Chung), an established lawyer(Raymond Lam), and Linda's best friend (Yoyo Mung).

Personally, the only good watchable part is the last 10 episodes. The first 30 episodes is so boring and useless that I didn't even bother to watch it and just tune in at the end. Well, I do understand the first 10 episodes are just for introducing the characters, but I think just condensing this drama into the usual 20 episodes is fine. Knowing TVB, they are still going to solve everything at the last episode anyways. Waste of our time.

I'll bet you're thinking why did I started my paragraph praising the show when the third paragraph is saying otherwise. Well, like I'd said, the show is exceptional for its casts, mainly the older generations. Most impressive performances is Susanna Kwan, who plays the second mother, aka bad guy. I never thought I would love and hate a person so deeply. I hate her character and wish karma to happen to her quicker, but I absolutely adore her acting. Ha Yu, as the father was quite good. At first I think he is just too stupid, but when he stand up to the Susanna when she was making trouble with the kids, I'm so impressed with his character. My hate for his coward evaporated. I think he is a good actor as well. Another good one is Michelle Yim, who's the aunt and is actually the sensible one. And last but not least Li Sze Kei, the mom who later died. I personally thought she was too nice, but I also thought she was so smart and impressive in trying the keep the family together. The family feud is very interesting because of their performances. You will not be disappointed.

The other casts, aka the younger generation, are consisted of mostly irritating characters and boring love stories. Despited how much I like Raymond Lam and Moses Chan, I just always want to skip their romance parts, mainly because of Linda Chung and her continuously irritating cries in the later parts. It may not just be because of Linda, but it's the character's fault, but it made me wished that romances never existed in this drama, despites if that happens Raymond wouldn't be in drama in the first place. Other good actor/actress such as Bosco Wong or Tavia Yeung was so overshadowed by the love square between Moses/Linda/Raymond/Yoyo that they failed to shine which is a waste of their talents. This is why I only like the last part of the series, where romance was put aside and the family problems are actually focus on.

So all in all, the show is actually pretty enjoyable only because of the family feuds story and the great older generation casts. Everything else is bad and shouldn't be bothered to watch. Lol.

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