Friday, June 22, 2007

Tegoshi has a little brother I don't know about?

So I just started watching the first episode of Aijou Ippon staring Matsura Aya. While the first episode made me cringed with Matsura's cutesy acts, it also caused a few delightful surprises as well.

It's true that this drama was shot during Ayaya's cute stage, and I have to admit, she's very cute in the drama. But all she does (during the first episode) was pouting and trying to look cute. Now I truly understand why people keep saying about Sayumi's "ichiban kawaii" being annoying. As for her acting skill, or lacks of, pretty self-explanatory. :x Maybe the rest will be better. I don't want to be harsh but I found most of H!P members' acting skills are definitely lacking, maybe with the exception of Nagazawa Yuko, and kinda Goto Maki and Abe Natsumi. But whenever they started "trying" to acts, I found them really unnatural. Even Yossie , who is great during the Hello! Morning theater, became horrible at her little drama special (the one where she switch body with a guy). Well, maybe she gotten a little better now since that drama was shot a few years ago, but you really can't tell now. H!P seriously need to have more girls with talent in this department! Then maybe they can conquer the drama world instead of letting JE stepping all over them. But some of the new Johnny's are horrible actors too! UF* should think a little about it and start training talents.

I was also surprised that Ito Atsushi (Densha Otoko star) is also in this drama playing the Ayaya's sempai! =_=;; While I have no problem with the guy acting, as his character fits him quite well, but I wished they used a younger guy. Ito-san just doesn't look anything like a highschool senior. UF* are probably afraid Ayaya's going to have some sort of scandal. lol. Another surprised, Saeko is in this drama as Ayaya's friend. :D Not much developments from the first episode, so I'm looking forward to see more of her later.The third surprise is Tegoshi Yuya's look alike (which I also refered him as chibi Tegoshi). First of all, this kid is absolutely adorable. And secondly, I was shocked at how closely he resembled Tegoshi (NEWS member). XD;; The first time he appeared on screen, I really thought it was a younger Tegoshi himself. But then, after remembering that Ayaya's and Tegoshi's ages are quite close, well, my theory quickly got disintegrated. I think he is probably the few reasons that I'd decided not to delete the rest of Aijou Ippon's episodes off my harddrive (the other one is the appearance of Takahashi Ai and Kamei Eri in episode 7). I wondered what's his name is. He looks very familiar so I wondered if I'd seen him in another drama before. Maybe Wonderful Life? Hmm..


  1. you are so right! ive seen that little boy somewhere and he does look like a mini tegoshi yuya! :D awwww! its like going back in time

  2. that little boy also played in Gokusen 1.his real name was Kobori Haruki and there's no relation with Tegoshi.he just resembles :)