Friday, May 25, 2007

Morning Musume + Friday = SCANDALS

I am seriously pissed off with Friday, or rather tabloids in general. I mean why can't they just leave the girls alone? First it's Yaguchi Mari, then Kago Ai, then Tsuji Nozomi, and now it's Fujimoto Miki (along with Abe Natsumi inserted somewhere). Suddenly so many of these scandals are popping up that I'm just not even remotely surprised. The first thing I said was actually "Again?"

So just a month ago, we have the Aibon scandal finally putting to an end. Before we could even breath a sigh of relief, we then have Tsuji with her news of pregnancy and marriage. Now, just when I was able to climb out of bed after recupperating for a few days due to my wisdom teeth removal, I found Miki's their next target. =_=;; Miki is found to spent a few days with a guy. *gasps*

Seriously, I could careless if she's a virgin or not. But what I'm worried about is are UFA going to remove her from MM? D: I like her voice. I don't care about her personality or her groping antics or, well anything at all as I'm not a fan, but I LIKE her voice. Without her in MM, that's just unimaginable (at the moment). And beside, I havn't even be able to see Miki's leadership yet. This is just despicable of Friday. D: Who's next?

Oh by the way, congratulation to Tsuji's engagement news. But I felt she was rather irresponsible. Okay, I have to first say that I am not her fan so maybe I'm a bit harsh. She was cute and funny when she was younger, but as she grew she just became even more hard to bear. I didn't like how they keep putting her in H!M in the later eps. Between the members of W, I liked Aibon better out of the two. And of course Aibon disappointed me with her scandals. So, going back to her happy news and why I felt she was irresponsible. First she have stageplay and the whole Gyaruru going on for her, and even though she know she's going to get marry soon, she still accepted it. If you know you're going to get marry soon, don't take the jobs! I felt really sorry for Tsunku and all the actors/actress that's in the stageplay because they have to put up with her irresponsibilities and picked up the pieces after they found out that she's pregnant and then marriage. Which leads to the second part, I felt she is an absolute idiot for getting pregnant out of wedlock. But whatever, I could careless about Tsuji and her life, even though I get angry when I talk about it now. *laugh* Sorry to all her fans if I pissed you off in any way. Congratulations to your marriage and pregnancy. Hope you will have a happy life. Hopefully, hopefully, after a family had started for you, you'll learn how to be more responsible.

At the H!O forum (specifically Aichan's thread), problems arised for Aichan. If Miki were to be removed from Morning Musume, many of the fans started worried that she won't be a good leader. First of all, isn't it too freaking early to talk about the next leadership when Miki's not even overthrown yet? At least wait until Miki's officially kicked out. Second of all, I totally disagreed. We all know how much a crybaby Aichan is, I won't denie. But to say that Aichan is not ready to be leader, that's just incorrect. First of all, nobody is borne leader, they learn by experience. Some learned faster that others and some later, but when the time come and the opportunities are presented to them, they can take it. Aichan is (in a way) adaptable, and I believed she will be able to be a great leader. She might not be as great as say Yuko, but I believe she can do it on her own or with helps from the ex-MM leaders. I believe in Aichan, because I know she can. Hopefully many of her fans can believe in her as well. I don't expects the nonfans/or haters will believe in her, but I expect all of her fans can believe in her. Just have trust in her.