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Waratte Iitomo Haru 2007 SP

Waratte Iitomo Haru SP is a special for introducing the Spring season drama for Fuji TV. The host is Mashahiro Nakai and Tamori (Morita Kazuyoshi). The show is so funny, and it made me increased my must watch list. :x I totally recommend watching it. Everyone is really funny.

First they introduced the team who will be competing. First is Proposal Daisakusen, including Yamashita Tomohisa, Nagasawa Masami, Fujiki Naohito, Eikura Nana, and Hiraoka Yuta. Hanayome to Papa team is next, which include Ishihara Satomi, Taguchi Junnosuke, Shiraishi Miho, Takizawa Saori, and Asano Kazuyuki. Everyone was holding hand as they step out, which I found really cute. Then Oniyome Nikki - Ii Yu Dana (or I'll just called it Oniyome Nikki 2 from now on), which include the two main cast Gori and Mizuki Arisa, as well as Eibihara Yuri, Kawashima Naomi, Takachi Noburu, and the grandfather (I think). Next group is Watashitachi no Kyokasho, including Kanno Miho, Tanihara Shosuke, Itoh Atsushi, and some others that I forgot. The last drama group is Liar Game, Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota came out looking extremely like a super cute couple. Also have Iwasa Mayuko (from Brother Beat, Gals Circle, and Ganbatte Ikimasshoi), and a few others as well, who I don't really know. Last team out is Waratte Iitomo's own team, which are comedians that frequent the show. :x I don't know much about them except, they are loud and really funny. ^^;;
The first game they played is Nya Nya Nya Iitomo (something like that). Similar to the gesture game, where a member of your team do some kind of gesture and you're suppose to guess the answer. Instead of gestures, the guest have to sing nya nya nya (cat talk) and the other team members have to guess the title of the song. It's really funny. The most funny team was Watashitachi no Kyokasho. Kanno Miho is so funny, because she was dancing to the song as well as nya-ing it.. XD;; And she spent a long time just on the song even though the members didn't have a clue about it. XD;; And she was the first person to do it as well. Gori was also dancing to his answer and eventually run out of time. ^^;; Also Liar Game team, who ended up passing a lot of songs. And the first song, Toda Erika passed it, Nakai gave a mean face since the song was from SMAP. ^^;; This show is full of funny moments.
The team with the highest points after all those nyaing was Proposal Daisakusen. ^^;; Waratte Iitomo team was second, and Hanayome to Papa was third. :D 4th is Oniyome Nikki. 5th Watashitachi, and last is Liar Game, who passed many songs. ^^;;
Next up is Wii Boxing, where they have a competition between the teams as the title said, playing boxing with Wii. XD;; I want to buy a Wii after watching it. I think Waratte Iitomo must at least get something from Sony, since they are promoting the console. :P Anyways, first test match is between Nakai and Tamori himself. It's really funny, they even have similar CG faces. XD;; Anyways, the old man Tamori won. Nakai was so weak! ^^;;

First official match is between the leading ladies of Proposal and HanaPapa, Nagasawa Masami and Ishihara Satomi. It's so funny, Satomi hit like a girl.. XD;; Well, she is a girl, but it's cute. ^^;; I was rooting for Satomi actually because she seems like the underdog. But Satomi actually won, but Masami was also quite closed in winning. She comment that the camera man was situated himself where she can't see the screen, which prevented her from winning. ^^;; Uh ok...

Next match is between the leading males of Proposal and HanaPapa, Yamashita Tomohisa and Taguchi Junnosuke. XD;; The host declared it as a NEWS vs KATTUN match. ^^;; The host then asked which is kouhai and which sempai, and they answered Yamapi is senpai and Taguchi is kouhai. And then they asked which group started older, and the answer was KAT-TUN is older (5 years?), while NEWS is younger (4 years?). Nakai was shocked! XD;; I thought he would at least know, but I didn't know either. Anyways, then the conversation changed to nickname, and Taguchi said he called Yamapi as Yamapi~! XD;; Yamapi looked extremely pissed, and then everyone started calling him Yamapi as well. XD;; In the background, the audiences were like "Kawaii~!!" XD Anyways, the match, and Yamapi won. ^^;; Even though Taguchi lost he was smiling all the time while playing. ^^;; During the match, I was thinking, if Taguchi was hitting like Satomi, he would have won too, because his swings are too wide.. :x

Third match is between Mizuki Arisa and Kanno Miho. Arisa commented that she have a Wii at home, which gave her the upper hand. Kanno Miho was so hillarious during the match. She keep pulling her blouse/shirt up. ^^;; But as expected, Mizuki Arisa won. Next up is Gori vs. Ito Atsushi.. Gori's funny, and super nice. ^^;; He let Ito-san win. ^^;; And the faces he made while he was loosing is so funny. Then Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota vs 2 of the Waratte members (not at the same time of course). I could only say, what is Matsuda Shota wearing? o_o;; I kinda like the outfit, but it really doesn't match him/his hair. Toda Erika was cute though. Anyways, the Liar Game team lost.Next, they have a ranking for the ladies, and each team are suppose to choose a girl and their rank will be shown. Then the team will of course get the points based on the rank. But it's bad if they picked the 1st rank. :x Sorry, I can't explain it properly. =_=;; But first, they have the ladies do their battle drama cries. Kanno Miho is so fun. :D Masami placed 10th, while Satomi placed 2nd (and I started to stop paying attention for a bit). Satomi was really surprised. But I think she deserved it. ^^;; Anyways, they go through 1 round and back to the Proposal team, but the Proposal team chosed the 1st rank lady (I don't know who she is), so they lost a few points, which make Waratte team in the lead with Proposal and HanaPapa far behind.
The points was compaired, and the Waratte team complained at how low the points of Liar Game were, who where sitting right next to them. ^^;; Mayuko complained!!! XD;;
Then it's the man's ranking. HanaPapa team was the first to choose, and they chose Ito Atsushi. Nakai teased Ito-san since HanaPapa are full of women (only 1 man not in the ranking).. ^^;; And they asked why they chose him, and everyone started to put Asano Kazuyuki (the only guy) on the spot. ^^;; Anyways, Tamori then read comments why the audiences rank him as such, and it was because: "He looks like a child." XD;; Anyways, next team chose Gori, and it turned out he was ranked 2nd. :D His comment was: "His hair looks funny." XDD;; And then when the last two to be rank was Taguchi and Yamapi. The last ranks that were left was 1st and 3rd. It was Watashitachi team, and they had a hard time figuring out who is not ranked first (or else they'll lose points). ^^;; They ended up choosing Taguchi, and Taguchi's reaction was XD;; Yamapi was first. Gori comments that he's in a pressured position, because it's NEWS Gori KAT-TUN (according to the ranking). XD;; Gori made me can't wait to watch Oniyome Nikki 2. :D
Next they have to to a gesture game with a dummy. It's really funny. ^^;; HanaPapa managed to surpased Waratte team. :D
Hanayome to Papa team won the game, and they can win the prize money if they are able to pull the tablecloths from the table without getting the glasses tip off. I think they did it for the last few SP as well (not sure). Anyways, Satomi was chosen for the task and she didn't manage to do it, so the prize money was shared between all the other teams. ^^;;

Overall, must watch, I havn't laugh this much since I watch one of the old Utaban episode with Morning Musume (sub). :D I totally reccomended it. The captures.

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