Monday, April 9, 2007

Morning Musume 33 Single: Kanashimi Twilight PV

If anyone havn't watch Morning Musume PV for their newest song, Kanashimi Twilight, go do it now. Definitely one of the best PV I had seen for a while from H!P. I would rank this second or third to Sakura Mankai and I WISH (ok, I lied, but definitely closer to the top). This single will be Yossie's last as a Morning Musume member, and she had quite a few share of lines and screen time (especially at the end).
The main vocals are of course the usual Takahashi Ai and Fujimoto Miki. They sound exceptional good, as always. I used to didn't really like Aichan's voice when she just join, despite being my favorite member, but now, I thought her voices are really nice, I love it. And personally, she sound great when sung together with Miki. Lol. They should do a duets sometimes, I would totally want to hear that. Aichan also sound good with everyone as well. ^^;; Or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm her fan?! :P
In this PV, the outfits are great! Everyone, except Aichan, Yossie, and Mitsui Aika have the almost same outfit (with variations). Even then, Yossie and Aika just had a different color than the rest. But Aichan's outfit is the most different! It's because she's special! :D Their hair are well styled, even Michishige Sayumi's and Niigaki Risa's. Am I the only one that does like their hairstyles? Odd, but fitting. The PV's background itself is very simple. Some would say cheap, but I disagree. I like the simplistic of it, it makes us focus on the girls more, and less of the other thing. The white, tint of blue, and pink backgrounds really make their outfits seems bold and jump out at you. The darker pink is flashy, but not too much. It's perfect.
Aichan showed us once again what a great dancer she is. I swear, the rest just can't be compared. The infamous Aichan's kick vs. Reina's kick (later in the PV) just CANNOT be compared. She, along with Yossie and Risa, make the song felt powerful (visually). At the begining when they do the head swinging thingy, Aichan's the only one that actually put her body into it. Miki, who's right next to her, looked odd as she barely move. And her close ups looks great as well. :D I'm telling you, she's so great in this music video. Even though this song is for Yossie, I have to say, the person who's shown the most was Miki. ^^;; Even more than Aichan, and of course more than Yossie. ^^;; But honorable mention is Risa, who capture the screen whenever the camera is on her. I'm not the person who care about anyone else except Aichan, but whenever the camera rolled to Risa, I just can't help but stare. Her performance was also quite powerful despite little screen time. And even though I didn't like everyone's outfit in the tunnel thing, I love Risa's dress. It's really cute. The design isn't flashy, but it's so cute! I want! :3 As for the rest? So so.. Ok, I'm not being fair to everyone and just focus on Ai. Actually everyone was alright, but they didn't seems as interesting to look at than Ai, Miki, Yossie, and Risa. But they are pretty.. I guess. :x
The song itself is rockish pop, upbeat, and powerful. I guess I'm the only one that like Roman My Dear Boy, but the song is similar. Definitely one of the few single that I actually like after listening to it the first few time. Well, actually, I didn't like it when I heard it the first time from a concert rip, but after watching the PV, it's so good! :) I really like it. I hope this song will outsell the last one. :D I also thought the song was fitting for Yossie's graduation song, or it's fitting for her. Even though Yossie's singing is alright at the end (I like Aichan's and Miki's parts better), but it wasn't bad. I think she'll do fine with her solo career or a small group career, which ever. :) Even though it's not her graduation yet, good luck!


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