Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kikkawa Yuu is not in the Idol Ranking 2007

According to Hello! Online (where most of us get the official H!P news in English), Kikkawa Yuu, one of the 8th gen audition rejects, is added to the Eggs. So all those that was unhappy that she didn't make it, you can rejoices now. :)

As for me, I think I'll keep praying that Tsunku is smart enough to add Sato Sumire to the already long H!P members! >_<;; I mean, Yukkawa is alright, but I was rooting for Sato during the 8th gen audition! Sumire was cute and have some talents in her. She was very energetic and watch over the other members despite being so young. As for Yuu, I don't remember much of her except for being the girl who sing Furusato during the first few stages of the audition. :/

Tsunku, please please please give us another pleasant surprise next week. Say, adding Sumire to H!P!? :3 That would totally make my day! ^^;;

According to the idol ranking of this year, wait, everyone must have seen it before right? At least if you frequent the forums you should see it before. So I'll just talk about the top tens + rank#88 from the U20. XD;;

10. Toda Erika - Not a surprised, even I like her! With her recent dramas that usually getting ratings around 15, really boost her popularity. I personally thought her story was much better than Ayase Haruka in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. She was also in one of the most anticipated manga to liveaction movie, Death Note, as Misa. And with her newest drama, Liar Game, which she will be leading, Toda Erika is getting more and more attentions.

9. Aragaki Yui - Or Gakki to the fans. Her popularity rose after My Boss My Hero as the goddess of purity and innocent. She's also in a few Pocky cm. I also like her, especially in My Boss My Hero.

8. Kashii Yu - Despite playing older roles, she is still very young (she's even younger than me =_=;;), and she excels in all. I think she's usually acts in movie. I first know her in Waterboys drama, then SP, then My Boss My Hero. I really like her in Linda Linda Linda, right after Son of course. :) By the way, Linda Linda Linda was great. Everyone should go out and watch it.

7. Eikura Nana - Seriously, who is she? This is my first time seeing her name, she's ranked so high. :x Okei, after googled her name, she's that annoying girl that is the main lead in Dandori (about Cheerleader). *shocked* The drama sucks. How did she ranked so hight? o_O;;

6. Inoue Mao - Also had a popularity boost after staring in Hana Yori Dango. She played Makino Tsukushi who have all the love scenes with Hanazawa Rui (Oguri Shun) and Momyoji Tsukasa (Matsumoto Jun). And the girls still like her. ^^;;

5. Ishihara Satomi - Well liked and cute Satomi-chan, who won everyone over in many of her roles. Let me plugs again that her newest drama, Hanayome to Papa, is coming up in just a few days. Watch it everyone. Satomi is also well known for her luscious lips and full body. We haven't yet see her in a swimming suit, which suit me just fine. :) I'm really happy for her that she's in the top 5. :D Awsome. Congrats Satomi-chan. :)

4. Horikita Maki - The cute sister from Densha Otoko and the gloomy Nobuta from Nobuta wo Produce, which she gain her popularity from. I didn't know she was also in a lot of movie as well. She had talents, but I wished she played happier roles. After Nobuta wo Produce, the image of Nobuta can't seems to leave her. :x

3. Ueno Juri - Also is extremely talented. She's Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, which really boost her popularity. She's also great in Swing Girls (and a boy XD;;). By the way, everyone need to watch Swing Girls. :x

2. Nagasawa Masami - I wasn't aware that Masami was this popular. I had watch a few of her dramas, but none of her roles actually struck me. So to see her so high in the list, I was really surprise. :x Anyways, I bet everyone'd heard of the rumors about the competition between Masami and Erika right? Well, I guess this time she lost to...

1. Sawajiri Erika - The girls with the hates and rumors. She gains famed after 1 Litre of Tears as Aya, the girl who suffered a disease and later died (oops did I just gave those who had never watch it before spoilers? :P). Sawajiri Erika then later film Taiyou no Uta, also a girl with a disease, and release her first single with the name Amane Kaoru (her character). I thougth 1 Litre of Tears was great, but Taiyou no Uta felt like it's missing something. The Taiyou no Uta movie with YUI was much much much better. She is no doubt, a great actress, but really, not my favorite. Sorry.

I was actually really surprised that Aya Ueto is not on the list since she was so famous. But it actually turned out that Aya Ueto is on the U25 ranking 3rd. :x I don't really like her, except in Kinpachi Sensei 6th season, and Azumi, where we didn't have to see her smile. :x

88. Takahashi Ai - In the highest ranking of the recent morning musume (in U20) is Aichan, which showed us how popular she is than most of the other members. Not a surprise since recent Japanese only can recognized Aichan, Miki, and Yossie in Morning Musume anyways. :D Awsome, congrats Aichan. :D
I'm starting to really like her Yuki Ai Anata ≧ Suki song, especially after watching the Wonderful Hearts Otome Gokoro Winter 2007 concert. She was really cute singing the song. But I wish they stop with the MC Gaki thing. Anyways, I love the whole drawing the heart thing in midair. I wished give us a closer view of that so we fans can make gifs out of it. XD;;

The concerts was not bad, but it felt really bare without the older H!P members. There are a lot of C-ute and Berryz in here. I really like Miki solo with Mai and the other C-ute kid. ^^;; And of course, I also like Aichan solo as well. Anyways, a few more pictures of Aichan.


  1. Hi Himawari!

    Why don't you like Aya Ueto's smile?


  2. good question... I don't know. It's just most of her drama don't interest me. :/ And I don't really find anything special about her. :x As for her smile.. it's nothing wrong, it's just very... bright. XD;;

  3. Impressive list any way you look at it.