Thursday, March 8, 2007

TVB serie: War and Destiny: Ron and Leila

My favorite couple from TVB, Ron Ng and Leila Tong. ^___^;; These are shot during War and Destiny, which will air sometimes soon in Hong Kong. ^__^;; So people in Hong Kong, please watch for the greatness that is Leila. Much thanks to the people from Asian Fanatics. :D

I love Leila as Yuet Fung in this WaD, because her character is very wise. She's not judgemental nor is she old school(?!).. ^_^;; Her character actually has guts and brain, unlike a few others. Well, ok, maybe the parts where she want to commit suicide doesn't show her guts, but I like the parts where she stand up for what she believed in. -_-;; She's also underrated as well. Which is a bummer, because she actually are the few that can acts in the younger TVB generations. TVB should stop promoting their own artists and putting them as the main lead, instead let the one that have talents lead the show. *sigh*

Ron's character is a bit impulsive and agressive. Sunny outshine him in here. But I love his interactions with Leila, their secret love, and I love his father and son parts with Sek Sau. Too bad his love story with Leila is really slow. ^_^

I never like Myole, maybe it's because she'd been overpromoted. No doubt, she could act, but her character in here is extremely annoying. Sunny, beside from the amusing mustache, is great as the undercover agent. I think the more I watch him, the more I respect his acting. Everyone love his character. And I kid you not. EVERYONE love his character.

The ending is kinda meh! Typical of TVB series, but the episodes before are great! You won't be disappointed, that is, until the end, then you can be disappointed. XD;;

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