Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tsunku, why?

So the news was out, even before the we see the words coming out from the man himself.

Official source

According to, there will be two additions of two Chinese girls intergrated into Morning Musume. They are Li Chun (or nicknamed Junjun, 19 yrs old; in white) and Qian Lin (or nicknamed Linlin, 16 yrs old; in black). Both are put into MM as 8th gen, similar to that of Miki and 6th gens. More informations can be optain from forum. The good news is this seems to be temporary.

Excused me for being negative, but what is Tsunku thinking? I probably wouldn't care if he just put them into a temporary H!P unit, but why Morning Musume? MM had always been the Japanese girl group to a lot of people. Just adding new people from auditions was already hard to adjust. Adding people outside of the auditions into MM was not easy to adjust as well. I felt this way when Fujimoto Miki was added, but since Miki already had a fan base at the time, it went well. But adding people outside the country and outside of the MM auditions, I'm sure they will recieve a lot of hates from the fans and wotas. And these girls spoke little to none Japanese. Why, Tsunku? Why?? They better not start making the girls sing Chinese songs. =_=;; I like Chinese songs, and I am studying Chinese myself, but usually, when people singing in another language, they sound horrible! And MM already have a few horrible singers even when they are singing in their own language. :x

Lets me nitpick on their look department. I am ugly, and they are very cute, especially for 16 and 19 years old girls. In America, (Asian) girls these ages are really mature looking. Maybe I'm just jealous, but Li Chun seems a bit unnatural to me since she looks too cute that it's nauseating. Plus, she remind me with Rainnie Yang, and Rainnie Yang is not my favorite Taiwanese actress (actually I'm irritate by her, despite her trying to be cute). Li Chun also seems to be a cam whore. So that's a triple negative for me. But she is above the 12-14 age range, good. :) Qian Lin looks very natural and very her age, she's also quite pretty. She's like a cross between Yamada Yu and Ayaka(H!P). ^^;; She seems like she have a bundle of talents. From hosting, acting, monomane, to piano and guitar. And she's not too young, 16. I seem to be bias between these two. :x

At least I'm a bit glad that Qian Lin have musical talents. Anyone who can play the piano and guitar are good in my book. I have to see how Li Chun is doing with her 2 years piano first before I can adjust to her. ^_^;; But it's going to be a while before I can put a name with a face. @_@;;

On to the rumors, Takahashi Ai will have a solo album plus DVD.

If it were true, good! I can't wait. But I hope it's just going to be a side project from MM, and she won't be graduating from MM anytime soon. I really want to see her being MM leader. I want to see her lead the group after Miki leaves, with Niigaki Risa as subleader. Plus, the graduate members these days are doing nothing, beside from going on to a few shows. Aichan is good at singing, and she is shy when talking to strangers. So going on shows after she graduates are a no nos. Tsunku, who is silly enough to think that he can cough up good songs even when he sleeps, are the main, and most time, only person who write the girl's songs. And since his band are getting back together, how is he going to devote his time to write good songs or any song to Aichan when he have to write great songs to the money makers (GAM and MM) as well as the rest of H!P and his own band? And I rather Aichan singing original songs than old songs. It would be great if Aichan have songwriting capabilities, but, we havn't seen anything from Aichan in this department yet.

If she were to really graduate, I hope Aichan and Risa can graduate together and create their own unit. Their friendships are wellknown, only second or third to MikiAya and TsujiAibon, so to break them up by graduation is just wrong. It would be a bit unfair to Risa, but what is she going to do after graduations beside going on shows? It's true, her voice is improving, but she's even better with Aichan. If she could cover the talk part while Aichan can cover the singing part, then all their weakness are gone. ^^;; It would be good too if they break into the acting non H!P drama world. I would love to see that. Well, I can always hope.


  1. Tsunku just doesn't have enough firepower available with Yossi out in May, and Mikki and Aichan going out next year, if not earlier. That's why he had to add the other two 8th gens, and he probably didn't have anyone talented enough (in his view) in Japan available, so he went for some former H!P Eggs, Chinese or not.

  2. Actually, I don't have any problem with the Eggs member, she have talents. But Chun Li on the other hand, is not part of the Eggs and hardly have anything to back her up beside from the 2 years of piano. I didn't think she was anything special either when I was looking at her audition clips from youtube.