Friday, March 9, 2007

Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi 2 - 1st night - Impulse

Finished watching the first episode of Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi 2.Ishihara Satomi played a suicidal girl name Yoshimura Yuri. Why suicidal? Because of her mother's neglect when she was a kid. Personally I thought it was a silly reason to commit suicide, but since when does committing suicide considered to be silly. Any reason can suffices. During her recent suicidal attempts, she was saved by Nakasaka Hiroki (Sato Ryuta; Satomi Hakenden and IWGP).
I love this shot, seriously. The director seems to know where to get the best shots. This is why I love japanese dramas. ^___^Another great shot. Yuri trying to phone her mom. The only thing I thought was missing is the mother and daughter's relationships at the very end. It seems their relationships are still bad.I think the hospital scene are the best scenes. I was so touched when I was reading what Hiroki was writing about Yuri. Plus Satomi looked the best in the hospital scenes.And of course, when she was crying while listening to Hiroki's message... T__T;; The tears are so real. I was crying too. Even though her confused look when the message was stop halfway was funny as well. ^^;;
A picture's worth a thousand words: Hiroki will never sit in this spot again, forever.
Yuri continued on living.
The roof shots make me wondered why we can't go onto rooftop like Japan. It's always off limit. Why? I want to go to on the roof too! >_<;;
"The reasons for living, no one know.
That's why, people are struggling with hardships.
But, while not able to see the opposite sides of things.
That is why, even with hardships there is hope of overcoming them.
Because of that we are existing and living." -- Yoshi

Overall, the show is great. I have my doubts at the beginning since I didn't like Aya Ueto's story from the first season. But I do like Horikita Maki story, but didn't watch the last two from the first season. Ishihara Satomi was great in it, as she showed us once again that she's not just a cute face. I mean seriously, at the beginning she was sending chills through my skin. Her crying scenes were great as well, and I was touched. The story was really captivating and the scenes are very well done. Sato Ryuta was also great, but I think he need to work on his handwrittings. I swear, they're like scribbles. Not what I would call a journal. Seems like he's just writing because he is bored. XD;;

Much thanks to the guys at ix for the subs and the guys at d-addicts for the raws.
To see the screencaps that I took go here or look in my Photo link.

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