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Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu

General Comment:
I finally finished watching Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun). I finally get stop putting off watching this drama and watched all the eps in one sitting. Or else I wouldn't be typing this at 2 in the morning. =_=;; People better be grateful.

Anyways, this story tell of a highschool girl, Hoshi Izumi, who always follow the rules (never walk when the light is red). But she suddenly inherited the kumichou (boss) position of Medaka Gumi on the same day that her dad died of a traffic accident. Izumi declined at first, but after learning that her dad was murdered by a certain policeman, she accept the position. Of course, this came with a huge price. Blood, violent, and a lot of backstabbing. I could tell you now, but it'll be spoilers. So I'll do it at the end.

Anyways, the drama spanned in a total of 7 episodes, which is quite short to the usual 11-12 eps of japanese drama. Also one of the reason why I decided to check it out.

The main character (Hoshi Izumi) of this show is Nagasawa Masami. You might have remember her from such drama such as Dragon Sakura, or the Touch movie (XD;;). She did a pretty ok job, but kinda exagerated the cuteness and naivity. There were rumors of her creating some sort of Nagasawa dan against the Sawajiri Erika dan. And since Ishihara Satomi is in her group, I was curious to know about this group leader, which was one small reason that I watch the show.

But of course, rumors are rumors afterall. How would we know if they are true or not?

The second, and definitely main reason is because of this special man, Tsutsumi Shinichi. One of the best actor at the moment. He played Sakuma, the second incharge of Medaka Gumi. Due to the request of the last boss, instead of Sakuma become leader, he's supposed to find the boss' nephew (Izumi's dad) or any blood relatives to succeed the kumichou position. And since he's quite a responsible guy, he went and find Izumi's dad, but was disappointed because of the news of his death. After knowing that Izumi is the deceased boss' blood relative, he decided to support and protect her. He's supposed to rarely smile... But we already see his smile at the first episode.. o_o;;

Great acting as always by Tsutsumi-san. My favorite character. Always so cool! :3 I love him in any of his serious dramas (Good Luck) or in any of his silly dramas (Lunch Queen). I wish he's in more dramas. D:
Remember this guy? From Ruri no Shima (Ruri's Island). Remember him as the nice old guy that adopted Ruri? :D Well, he's back in this drama, and he's always smiling. It was interesting seeing him in this role. I don't want to say anymore though, or else I'll spoiled the story.. =_=;;
Remember these two from H2? :D Tanaka Koutaro played Hideo in H2, and the principal's kid (sorry I don't know his name, but he's cute! Tanaka played a guest role in here (episode 3) while the principal's kid played Hamaguchi's servant who is quite skillful with the knife. :)

You can find even more screencaps here (800+ of them). =_=;;

Thoughts and Spoilers:
The drama was alright, and the concept started very good. The story was also quite good, but it was too easy to guess what happen next. It's so obvious who are evil. Many reviews said the show overall was very cheezy, or getting more cheezy as it goes on. I have to disagree. What's so cheezy about it. It was really sad, and touching, especially since everyone died. T_T;; They really showed us that life is important. But it was too bloody, and violent for my taste. And the second ep have a few sec of nudity. I was surprised by the scene, but it went by so fast that it take me a few minutes for it to actually sink in. This show is definitely not for children. Not a family drama.

At the begining, I thought it was going to be like the reverse of My Boss My Hero. Where instead of a yakuza become a student, the student became the boss of a yakuza. And she would have to learn to act like a yakuza, and adjust to a yakuza way of life, etc. And in the end, she'll became the greatest boss ever, and everyone will live happily under her jurisdictions. Boy, was I wrong. Everyone ended up dying one by one. The first death happened, Takashi, and I was like they're kidding right? He'll ended up alive again like Sakuma. But when they finally showed them in his funeral, I finally know, this is not going to be a happy drama. =_=;; If you watched the credits opening parts, they showed the whole show, pretty much. Why didn't I noticed that they died off the same way they were introduced in the opening? It was really sad watching them die and you can't save them. =_=;;

At the first scene, where Izumi was shooting, I thought that she'll ended up killing a few people, but it seems she didn't. =_=;; That was rather unexpected. And who expected Sakuma to die? Well, I didn't, at least not until the yakuza were fighting. =_=;; Just when he started to come back to real life. =_=;; Why kill him? It was the very end too. It was obvious who were the bad guys a mile away. If you didn't, my god, what nice life you're leading. I want to be oblivious too. I wished they make it more secretive in this kind of drama, it would make everything more interesting.

Izumi spent all the whole drama crying. To the point that I was covering my ears of her wailings. Definitely not one of her best role. I was expecting something better from the leader of the Nagasawa group (jk). :P At the begining, she was portrayed as a person who always followed the rule. She never walk when the light are red. She was peace loving and donot want the members to use the Sakuma's "cute hobby." XD;; But at the end of the series, she ended up twisting the rule just a tiny bit. She's still good, but there are definitely a tiny shift. But she didn't kill, and was about to turned herself in. I'm glad that the writer didn't change her, and make her kill someone though, even if it's a bit of a disappointment. :x I'm never sastisfy I tell you. :P

I like the sun/moon/sky scenes, I'm love the sky afterall. And the scenery of Asakusa (where Medaka is locate at) is quite pretty too. The musics kinda reminded me of Iryu.

Must watch? Sure, if you have time, or if you like this type of serious yakuza drama, or have a uniform fetish. XD;; I think you'll like it better if you're watching it in one go or have a low expectation like me. Not recommended for those with fear of blood, or hate violent.

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