Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/25/2007

I wondered if next time is the last time we see Hello! Morning as an hour show.. Hmm..

Hello! Morning started with WPG. This time, they invited Yanagisawa Shingo as the guest. He's Kunimi Hiro's "energetic" father from H2. Remember? :)
The food today was Octopus wrapped around rice? I wasn't paying attention. One person can test it, and you see everyone praying it was her/him. XD;; But Yanagisawa-san was the taster. He gloated and then ate while the members looked on with jealousy. ^^;; And then he made a funny face, as you can see here.
The game started with shiritori, a game where everyone have a chance in front of the camera. :) Aichan, again, almost messed up, but thankfully she didn't. Everyone did well, and they can eat. Then Yanagisawa-san pulled out his cigarette pouch and talk into it like a cellphone. XD;; Considered what happened with Aibon, I'm surprised it didn't create any controversy. Anyways, he pretend to order more so everyone could eat. Everyone cheered.
Next, the graduated members came back to H!M for the 100 ranking special, where they ranked the best viewed show. I really like the old members, but whenever they come back, they always took the attentions away from the current members *coughaichan*. So I wish they have more past and recent members interaction, not past and newest member interactions.
After watching a fourth of the ranking, some of the members play the dangling game. I didn't noticed the Yaguchi vs. Koharu match because I thought it was another ranking, so there are no caps on those. :x Koharu started screaming her heads off when she thought the item were touching her. It was actually just Miki patting her back. Everyone laugh. ^^;; But the Miracle won. Next match is Kaori vs. Miki. Kaori won. And Kaori showed her beautiful legs, which is even better looking than Miki. tsk! Kaori should be in GAM instead of doing pretty much nothing at the moment in H!P.
The members laugh at their reactions.
Next is the introduction of Junjun and Linlin. Yossie looks great with glasses. :) After the introduction, Tsunku came and tell them to watch the members practices and performance. Then he advices them to start practice inorder to catch up to them, which they did.
Some more bonding, where I think Miki and Yossie did most of the talking to the new kids. Aika came (along with Yossie) and tell them since they are in the same generation, they should talk. And later Koharu came and Linlin praise Koharu. Aokunai graciously sub the meeting segment. Thanks guys. :D
Last, Melon Kinenbi sang their newest song. They dressed like rockstars even though the song itself sound more pop to me. *shrugs* It wasn't a pleasant performance, because they look hideous in those get up. :x

I think next week, they will continued with the ranking since it was just from rank 50 to 31. :x

Want see more caps? Look here! I didn't bothered doing the ranking part, just boring old stuffs. :x


  1. Thank you for posting about Japanese TV since we cannot get the programs in the U.S. You are also extremely beautiful.

  2. Woah! A picture of Yoshizawa with glasses? That is rare. In a few of the Hello Morning episodes you can see her adjusting her contact lenses which she is never seen without