Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/18/2007

I just failed one of my exam, even though I spent the whole week studying. =_=;; I'm not that happy and that's why this is a bit late. I hope the professor is going to have a curve.. It's always a bad idea to check your answers with your smarter friends. Yes?! -_-;;

Anyways, for last week Hello! Morning, first is the WPG. It's always good to see Aichan and Gakisan appeared at the start of the show. :) Erm, two guest came. I don't know who they are, but you can stare at their pictures in the photo section. :P Fujimoto Miki, Kamei Eri, Kusumi Koharu, and Mitsui Aika were not there. *shrugs* Anyways, first round, everything went well. Second round, the 6k guy messed up, leaving the girls with only 2 plates of mice. Third round, Aichan messed up. Lol. There's lots of Aichan in the WPG today. :D So they only have 1 plate with 2 mice left. The girls and guests have to do jankenpon to find who can eat. Mini Moni's Jankenpon song is played. XD;; Erika and the 6k guy got to eat.

Sorry for the half ass descriptions.. I finished watching a few eps of Keroro Gunsou earlier, and that was great. This was hardly comparable. :x
Next, we finally see why Miki-sama and Erizabeth did not showed up in the WPG. So these two go on their own little field trip. They ride this really cool Bummer.. XD;; The inside is huge. It's funny though, when they goes on the car, they sat at the smaller couch thing at the end instead of the longer one. ^^;;
Miki-sama and Erizabeth have to go around and trying all sort of different odd sports. First, they have to make those kind of domino's line thing while riding. XD;; The dominos keep falling down, and Miki became fustrated. XD;; No good.
Next they came to this park where people were doing some kind of taichi with a racket-like and a ball. It's actually pretty nifty. Miki was really good after a few tries. Eri, on the other hand, wasn't very good, but she managed to did it. Miki approved!

Next one is ironing while doing all sorts of activities, like ironing while hanging from the monkey bar, riding bike, etc... At one time, the guy that were explaining the sport to them did this hitting fists thing too see who is good. He did it to Miki and then to Eri and were like they have talents (purely guessing). Then he turned to his partner and did the same thing, and he said "the Best!" XD;; Anyways, after rejecting it the first time, Miki approved.

Third, Miki and Eri tried their hands on making crepe. Miki was good while Eri was not. ^^;; Eri's crepe ended up crumbling. ^^;; They have fun with the ojisan. He was rather nice and quite amusing, with his cream cries. :) Miki once again approved.
Last, they went into a house, and was shown a miniature sumo stadium. While playing with the people in the stadium, two guys came in and get mad at them for playing with it. Their surprised expressions were funny. XD;; Then they tried making their own sumo wrestler to fight. Miki accidently cut off her sumo wrestler's arms. XD;; She have to glue it back together. And then the match started. Miki and Eri's sumo looking quite simplified and deformed against the two guys'. XD;; To sum up the match in a few words, Miki beats everyone. ^^;; And for that, Miki approved. XD;; The guys were funny when they lost. Hahaha. Miki once again showed me what an impressive person she is. Good job! The two guys were very amusing as well.
Erizabeth and Miki-sama came back to the set of HPC, only to find that this is the end of HPC. Typical, since H!M is going to be cut down to half an hour anyways. They were a bit shocked, but said their short good bye. I ended up enjoying HPC, even though it was rather short. It's better than the Senorita thing. Oh well.. *shrugs*

GAM - Lululu live stage is then played. Ayaya impressed me once again with her voice. The song wasn't bad too. But the dance wasn't all that stella. And that super short outfits and stocking. Seems to be more aimed at wotas. Well, this is H!P, everything is aim at wotas. :x
Then the announcement. First he announced his decisions of adding Junjun and Linlin to Morning Musume as Chinese exchance student. He was smart enough to let us know ahead before making the announcement so it can sinked in and won't cause as much hates. :/ Look, in the VTRs that the girls are watching, it's subbed in Chinese! XD;; Am I the one that found it amusing? :x No?
Next, the announcement to the girls.
Everyone's expressions after hearing the news: shocked like us, but more happy looking. Actually this capture was taken before so don't let it confused you. Then Yoshizawa Hitomi was singled out for a personal VTR message from Tsunku. He told her to meet with Junjun and Linlin first before MM meet to help build a better relationships. Hello! Online have it translated. Yoshi looked confused and amused at the end of his VTR and asked us: "What should I do?" We don't know... So she showed us.

Yoshi, Junjun, and Linlin have their secret meeting from the other MM members. She tried to break the tension by naming Chinese foods. Okei... =_=;; I was hoping she could do better than that, but whatever works.
Anyways, next the girls reading newspapers about Jujun and Linlin on the bus. They are being taken to meet the girls themselves. Aichan and Gakisan was sitting together. Eri and Sayumi was sitting together. These two who are best friends are sitting together. That's why I really like this part. It showed us something very different about the girls. Reina and Koharu wasn't sitting together, but was reading the newspaper together. Aika was reading alone, since she just joined. Miki was, of course the smart one, sleeping. :) And the show ended. We have to watch next week, which is the show tomorrow to know what happen next. :x Next week, or tomorow, the recaps episode that were suppose to be last week. =_=;;

Actually, after watching show, I guess I didn't really hate Junjun and Linlin that much.. Well, I don't dislike them, but I don't like them at the moment either. I guess I can get use to them, which is much faster than Kusumi Koharu. I still haven't been able to get use to her yet. Sorry kids. :x Maybe a few more months.

For captures, check here.