Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/11/2007

First of all, lets me appologize. I noticed as I come to this page that it lags! Major lags! Which is extremely bad. I was too occupied with the pictures that I forgot the important of having a browseable page. Lag is bad! I play games, so I know. :x So from now on, I'm going to just upload a max of 10 pictures per post instead of 20-40. Hopefully it'll work out much better. =_=;; Again すみません。Anyways, on to the show.Today show, there are no WPG! Yay! XD;; It's Hello Morning Academy. Kusumi Koharu, Kamei Eri, and Fujimoto Miki was not present. There are a lot of Aichan in here. I was surprised since usually, she usualy have very limited scenes. Risa also have a lot of scenes but Aichan have more. And she looks great in this episode as well. :D

First they are teaching the girls expressions. ^_^;; A trio comedian joined the show to helps the girl with their expression. First of, they give foot massages to the girls and showed their best expressions. Takahashi Ai goes first. Very short, but quite funny. I was impressed as she still looks pretty even when she's in major pain. :x After the short foot massage, Aichan was quite polite and thanks the sensei. ^___^ Next is Risa. It's funny when she was pulling away because of the pain, she almost exposed herself.. ^_^;; I was shocked, and so was her! Next, they showed an example where one is holding this fabric stretchy thingy in their mouth, and the other stretched it and let go. No doubt, it must be painful. >_<;; This time, it's Tsuji Nozomi and Miyoshi Erika. Tsuji acts like a sempai and make Erika be the person that's holding the end of the fabric in her mouth. It's hillarious. Erika was very funny in her reaction and her immitation of Sadako (kowaii). XD;; Tsuji is such a sadistics. XD;; Next, the seiyuu of Goku (Dragon Balls) came and they tried their hands on voice acting. :) But first, Niigaki Risa request Goku's voice actor to do the Kamehameya~ thing. ^^;; She's like a fan here, so genki. X3;; Anyways, on to the voice acting part. They are divided into 3 groups, each with 3 people, and voice for an anime/movie. Then the seiyuu will then decide which group is the best. Of course the best group is able to eat some sort of sushi(?!). It looks good though.
First Yoshizawa group (Yoshizawa Hitomi, Michishige Sayumi, Okada Yui) tried their hands on an anime. Very funny, drowning raccoons. :3 Seiyuu sensei expressed her amusement. ^_^;; Next Takahashi group (Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika) tried a kungfu movie (Tiger Dragon Gate!). It's really funny here. I was cracking up because of their fighting scenes.. Aiyayayayaya~! Aichan's so funny here. Aika's also funny because she's sound all bored acting as the henchmen. XD;; I have to say, Reina was actually the one who keep the story going. Sensei seems to enjoy it. :x Next, Tsuji team (Tsuji Nozomi, Niigaki Risa, Miyoshi Erika) tried an American movie. Tsuji did quite a good job making her voice deep to match the man. And her deep laugh was hillarious. Sensei like it, so Tsuji team won. :P
More cosplay from the Hello! Morning gangs. Finally, a Hello! Morning skit in so long. Yoshi is still funny with her exagerate expressions. But I doubt she can do well in reall drama. Some one prove me wrong and put her in a non H!P drama please. :x
Then some scary but funny guy come... He was really good, his fan dance. :D But he was dragged away by Nakazawa and Tanaka officers. :x
And then some group came and promote their CD? Who are they? o_O
Next, HPC. This time, it's Charmy and Fujimoto. ^_^;; Charmy did her usuall introductions as the embarassed Fujimoto watch on. Charmy then promote some DVD and stuffs.
Pinky wasn't here today. Instead, it's Mitsui Aika. They gave her a nickname. Was it Michi? Mitsi? :/ Aichan joing to promote her newest Photobook, and Kamei came to promote hers. Eri looks funny with the whole Yankumi frills getup. XD;; Anyways, they do the shaking thing, and Aichan won by a landslide. She then promote her Love Hello photobook, which was shot in Thailand. Apparently so was Eri. :) Now the question is, why are those H!M weeks that Aichan was gone, Eri was not gone? We thought it were for the photobook, but if it were so, wouldn't Eri have gone as well, since they went to Thailand together? :/
I'm starting to like Aika more and more. First she's a fan of Aichan. ^_______^ Second, she's funny, especially in HPC, calling Charmy Baba. XD;; Third, did I mention she's a fan of Aichan? So what if I am Aichan bias.. :x Anyways, Tsunku look serious and tried to announce something, but was cutoff for the effect. So now we have to wait next week for the announcement. Maybe it have something to do with Aichan, since we see a lot of her today. I hope it's not her announcement to graduate or something. Whatever it is, it better be good (no more graduations for now please). Also next week, some recaps from the older episodes. :x Also, Fujimoto and Erizabeth tried their hand on some odd sport (ironing? XD).

Screen captures are here. :D Enjoy.

Since Spring Break is over for me, I don't think I'll be able to write as much as when I actually have Spring Break. :(

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