Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/04/2007

First the News. According to Hello! Online, starting April, the show will be reduced to half an hour (including comercials). I hope they cut some of the sucky game like world puchi game (or whatever it is) and bring back the old stuffs when Nakazawa Yuko was still hosting. Gosh, I missed those times. Ya-ya-yah will also be moved, which is not a supprise as it is right after Hello! Morning. I think it'll be move sometime during the evening. :x Not that it affects me in anyway since I download the shows from bitorrent anyways.The guests today for the WPG are the secret agent and the cosplay otaku from Akibahara@DEEP. I missed watching it~!! More Page please! :)The food, which I think looks absolutely scrumptious. I want some. I havn't eaten at all today. T_T;;
I wasn't sure what I should screencap, so I ended up trying to screencap a lot of Aichan. Very hard since they are always moving around and the Aichan's scenes are limited. =_=;; Anyways, they passed the first two round with flying colors. But on the final round, the otaku messed up, sending rages through out the members. And he was severly punished by many members as well as his own. XD;;But they still have two plates, so everyone got to eat. おつれさま。 Principal Nakazawa is hosting the episode today. YAY~!! I missed seeing Yuko. :D
I'm making things up as I watch it since I don't know Japanese and I'm writing this based on my observations. So the theme today is working on their worries.Sayumi's worries is that she sucked at sport. We all know that dear. So they're gonna prepare her for the Sport Festival. *chuckles*
Fujimoto Miki will be the one to set the proper example on how to do things properly. And I have to say, she does them very well. Not a surprise as she'd been named MVP in the sport festival several occasions.First, tried, they're trying to do that bar flip thinging. Even I don't think I can do it, but it's basics in Japanese school. Apparently, Sayumi need to learn the basics.They have a coach came and helped her learn the proper way. He's pretty good actually.More laughter for her failed attempts. Principal Nakazawa decided we should just skip this as it is too dangerous for the students when Sayumi did it. XD;; I have to agree.Next, that jump hop thing, also is basics. Amusing! Sayumi ended up sitting on the ledge most of the time. ^___^;;After all that coaching and tries, she finally "almost" did it perfectly right but since she's wasting enough time as it is, they decided she can get a certificate. Good job! I enjoyed Sayumi segment alot. XD;; Kusumi Koharu's worry: haunted house. Same here! Tanaka Reina also got dragged in even though her own worry was natto. ^^;; They make them go through the haunted house and measure their heart beats. The goal was less than 130 but poor Koharu got above the mark. This capture looks like they were forced to go to a karaoke bar with an ojiisan. ^^;; Funny.So they get an hypnotist to calm them down. Kinda cool.I think this is the closest to seeing them sleeping. And Koharu sleep with her mouth open. XD;;They make the poor girls go through it again. I think this cap was the highest point of their heart beat. (not sure)Good job!Risa's worry, memorizing menu? Tsuji joined her with the test. They're supposed to memorize a set of menus in a certain time frame. Then the other members will ask them a number and they're supposed to serve the food correspond to the number. Both tied with 5. Uh good job. Not very interesting, so I didn't do any captures.HPC! The News segment without Yuko! Why?! I don't know. Anyways, Risa sub for Pinky this time as well. Berryz Koubou join and test to have a chance to promote their new single. Ishikawa Rika (I swear I didn't almost type Ishihara Satomi) joined the newscaster to promote Biyuden's new stuffs (DVD? Photobooks? I totally forgot).Then she make them join her with the Biyuden's dance. Miki did the right thing and look at them stupidly. I'm starting to like Miki more and more~! <3Competitive Chinami's won and she promote BK's new single VERY BEAUTY (Engrish ^_^;;). She talked so fast here. The other Berryz got penalized and have to drink those nasty drink, which is suposedly similar to Inui's Juice drink. I wondered which taste worst.. :x Then the live of Berryz' newest single, which is anything but live. I didn't like it, but I want to hear Yurina's solo. Too bad it's not shown. ET anyone?Next week, Yossi looks great sporting that hairstyle. But she still need to eat. :x

Like usual, you can see the sucky captures that I did here. Or the better captures at JpopMusic forum.

I swear, I spent 2 hours doing this instead of writing on my own journal and/or doing my 中文 homeworks. =_=;;

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