Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A disappointment...

Kago Ai had now been nicknamed "the tabloid queen", winning out Abe Natsumi and Yaguchi Mari, and it's not without a reason. Around a year ago, she was caught smoking by the Friday magazine. Let me repraise that, she was caught underaged smoking, in a restaurant, with a friend. At around the same time, Kusano Hironori (NEWS) was also caught underaged drinking, causing the haitus of NEWS for a year. Around a year before, Uchi Hiroki was also caught underaged drinking, which resulted him to be on haitus. We havn't yet heard from these two again officially, except for a few fans that spot Uchi while he was bowling. Kamenashi was also photograph with beer in front of him just a few weeks/days before he was of age. Luckily, he was off the hook with the simple excuse "It's not mine!"

I didn't know Uchi at all during his incident, since I was not into Johnny at that time. He was just the cool guy that suddenly disappeared in Gambatte Ikimasshoi. Kusano, on the other hand, I grew to this cute kid who is a big fan of Kamenashi Kazuya. First it's Youtube, then I started watching Shounen Club, Ya-Ya-Yah, even the Arashi's programs, and I'm hooked on Johnny. Kago Ai as well, was a cute and funny kid who shine whenever she is on screen, and shine even more with Tsuji Nozomi beside her. You could never imagine that she would smoke.

So when the rumors/tabloids got out, first it was Kusano, then Kago Ai, and last Kamenashi, I was highly disappointed in them. At that time, I felt a heavy feeling in my heart, and it suddenly occurs to me that I have been too attached to them, and to not see them in the future again, I would forever missed them. I was sad to know that Kusano and Kago Ai was suspended, but felt relieved when Kamenashi was off the hooked. But in my heart, I always have hope that these two will come back to the entertainment world again. To see them sing and dance again, and make me laugh at their jokes and silly-ness, just once more.

So around a year after this whole incidents, Kago Ai was interviewed by the same magazine that got her suspended, Friday. But the differences is, she will be back. UFA announced that they are getting ready for her return. All the fans are hopeful, we all jump of joys, other cry. Maybe I'm exaggerating. :P All I could do was smile to myself. My friends all wondered what's I'm happy about? :P Naisho~! In the article, two things jumped in our face. (1) Ai Kago will be back, obviously. (2) "I really want to sing again." Kago Ai. I have always been waiting for this!

But it was just a short happiness. A few days later, another magazine, Weekly Gendai, give us another disappointment in Kago. She was photograph, maybe around winter, going with a group to a hotspring with a guy 18 years her age. He was ugly, I thought she could do better. But that wasn't what disappointed me. She was caught by the reporter that she was smoking (again, underaged). Even though there was no concrete proof, I make me wondered what she was doing this one year that she was suspended. I thought she will stop smoking, or at least wait until she could be of age. I thought she wanted to sing. I guess I was wrong.

A day or two later, after having a "chat" with Kago Ai, UFA announced Kago Ai is fired.

So this is the end. These hopeful months of seeing her again disappeared in just a few days. Good bye. Maybe we'll see you again later on in life, probably not as a singer or entertainer, but some thing else. It was fun time when you were in front of our monitors, laughing and having fun with the other members. It will be in our memories forever. Even though you disappointed me, and your behavior shouldn't be copied (especially by the younger members), but it was a nice few years we know you as the innocent and mischeavious Aibon.

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