Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/25/2007

I wondered if next time is the last time we see Hello! Morning as an hour show.. Hmm..

Hello! Morning started with WPG. This time, they invited Yanagisawa Shingo as the guest. He's Kunimi Hiro's "energetic" father from H2. Remember? :)
The food today was Octopus wrapped around rice? I wasn't paying attention. One person can test it, and you see everyone praying it was her/him. XD;; But Yanagisawa-san was the taster. He gloated and then ate while the members looked on with jealousy. ^^;; And then he made a funny face, as you can see here.
The game started with shiritori, a game where everyone have a chance in front of the camera. :) Aichan, again, almost messed up, but thankfully she didn't. Everyone did well, and they can eat. Then Yanagisawa-san pulled out his cigarette pouch and talk into it like a cellphone. XD;; Considered what happened with Aibon, I'm surprised it didn't create any controversy. Anyways, he pretend to order more so everyone could eat. Everyone cheered.
Next, the graduated members came back to H!M for the 100 ranking special, where they ranked the best viewed show. I really like the old members, but whenever they come back, they always took the attentions away from the current members *coughaichan*. So I wish they have more past and recent members interaction, not past and newest member interactions.
After watching a fourth of the ranking, some of the members play the dangling game. I didn't noticed the Yaguchi vs. Koharu match because I thought it was another ranking, so there are no caps on those. :x Koharu started screaming her heads off when she thought the item were touching her. It was actually just Miki patting her back. Everyone laugh. ^^;; But the Miracle won. Next match is Kaori vs. Miki. Kaori won. And Kaori showed her beautiful legs, which is even better looking than Miki. tsk! Kaori should be in GAM instead of doing pretty much nothing at the moment in H!P.
The members laugh at their reactions.
Next is the introduction of Junjun and Linlin. Yossie looks great with glasses. :) After the introduction, Tsunku came and tell them to watch the members practices and performance. Then he advices them to start practice inorder to catch up to them, which they did.
Some more bonding, where I think Miki and Yossie did most of the talking to the new kids. Aika came (along with Yossie) and tell them since they are in the same generation, they should talk. And later Koharu came and Linlin praise Koharu. Aokunai graciously sub the meeting segment. Thanks guys. :D
Last, Melon Kinenbi sang their newest song. They dressed like rockstars even though the song itself sound more pop to me. *shrugs* It wasn't a pleasant performance, because they look hideous in those get up. :x

I think next week, they will continued with the ranking since it was just from rank 50 to 31. :x

Want see more caps? Look here! I didn't bothered doing the ranking part, just boring old stuffs. :x

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A disappointment...

Kago Ai had now been nicknamed "the tabloid queen", winning out Abe Natsumi and Yaguchi Mari, and it's not without a reason. Around a year ago, she was caught smoking by the Friday magazine. Let me repraise that, she was caught underaged smoking, in a restaurant, with a friend. At around the same time, Kusano Hironori (NEWS) was also caught underaged drinking, causing the haitus of NEWS for a year. Around a year before, Uchi Hiroki was also caught underaged drinking, which resulted him to be on haitus. We havn't yet heard from these two again officially, except for a few fans that spot Uchi while he was bowling. Kamenashi was also photograph with beer in front of him just a few weeks/days before he was of age. Luckily, he was off the hook with the simple excuse "It's not mine!"

I didn't know Uchi at all during his incident, since I was not into Johnny at that time. He was just the cool guy that suddenly disappeared in Gambatte Ikimasshoi. Kusano, on the other hand, I grew to this cute kid who is a big fan of Kamenashi Kazuya. First it's Youtube, then I started watching Shounen Club, Ya-Ya-Yah, even the Arashi's programs, and I'm hooked on Johnny. Kago Ai as well, was a cute and funny kid who shine whenever she is on screen, and shine even more with Tsuji Nozomi beside her. You could never imagine that she would smoke.

So when the rumors/tabloids got out, first it was Kusano, then Kago Ai, and last Kamenashi, I was highly disappointed in them. At that time, I felt a heavy feeling in my heart, and it suddenly occurs to me that I have been too attached to them, and to not see them in the future again, I would forever missed them. I was sad to know that Kusano and Kago Ai was suspended, but felt relieved when Kamenashi was off the hooked. But in my heart, I always have hope that these two will come back to the entertainment world again. To see them sing and dance again, and make me laugh at their jokes and silly-ness, just once more.

So around a year after this whole incidents, Kago Ai was interviewed by the same magazine that got her suspended, Friday. But the differences is, she will be back. UFA announced that they are getting ready for her return. All the fans are hopeful, we all jump of joys, other cry. Maybe I'm exaggerating. :P All I could do was smile to myself. My friends all wondered what's I'm happy about? :P Naisho~! In the article, two things jumped in our face. (1) Ai Kago will be back, obviously. (2) "I really want to sing again." Kago Ai. I have always been waiting for this!

But it was just a short happiness. A few days later, another magazine, Weekly Gendai, give us another disappointment in Kago. She was photograph, maybe around winter, going with a group to a hotspring with a guy 18 years her age. He was ugly, I thought she could do better. But that wasn't what disappointed me. She was caught by the reporter that she was smoking (again, underaged). Even though there was no concrete proof, I make me wondered what she was doing this one year that she was suspended. I thought she will stop smoking, or at least wait until she could be of age. I thought she wanted to sing. I guess I was wrong.

A day or two later, after having a "chat" with Kago Ai, UFA announced Kago Ai is fired.

So this is the end. These hopeful months of seeing her again disappeared in just a few days. Good bye. Maybe we'll see you again later on in life, probably not as a singer or entertainer, but some thing else. It was fun time when you were in front of our monitors, laughing and having fun with the other members. It will be in our memories forever. Even though you disappointed me, and your behavior shouldn't be copied (especially by the younger members), but it was a nice few years we know you as the innocent and mischeavious Aibon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/18/2007

I just failed one of my exam, even though I spent the whole week studying. =_=;; I'm not that happy and that's why this is a bit late. I hope the professor is going to have a curve.. It's always a bad idea to check your answers with your smarter friends. Yes?! -_-;;

Anyways, for last week Hello! Morning, first is the WPG. It's always good to see Aichan and Gakisan appeared at the start of the show. :) Erm, two guest came. I don't know who they are, but you can stare at their pictures in the photo section. :P Fujimoto Miki, Kamei Eri, Kusumi Koharu, and Mitsui Aika were not there. *shrugs* Anyways, first round, everything went well. Second round, the 6k guy messed up, leaving the girls with only 2 plates of mice. Third round, Aichan messed up. Lol. There's lots of Aichan in the WPG today. :D So they only have 1 plate with 2 mice left. The girls and guests have to do jankenpon to find who can eat. Mini Moni's Jankenpon song is played. XD;; Erika and the 6k guy got to eat.

Sorry for the half ass descriptions.. I finished watching a few eps of Keroro Gunsou earlier, and that was great. This was hardly comparable. :x
Next, we finally see why Miki-sama and Erizabeth did not showed up in the WPG. So these two go on their own little field trip. They ride this really cool Bummer.. XD;; The inside is huge. It's funny though, when they goes on the car, they sat at the smaller couch thing at the end instead of the longer one. ^^;;
Miki-sama and Erizabeth have to go around and trying all sort of different odd sports. First, they have to make those kind of domino's line thing while riding. XD;; The dominos keep falling down, and Miki became fustrated. XD;; No good.
Next they came to this park where people were doing some kind of taichi with a racket-like and a ball. It's actually pretty nifty. Miki was really good after a few tries. Eri, on the other hand, wasn't very good, but she managed to did it. Miki approved!

Next one is ironing while doing all sorts of activities, like ironing while hanging from the monkey bar, riding bike, etc... At one time, the guy that were explaining the sport to them did this hitting fists thing too see who is good. He did it to Miki and then to Eri and were like they have talents (purely guessing). Then he turned to his partner and did the same thing, and he said "the Best!" XD;; Anyways, after rejecting it the first time, Miki approved.

Third, Miki and Eri tried their hands on making crepe. Miki was good while Eri was not. ^^;; Eri's crepe ended up crumbling. ^^;; They have fun with the ojisan. He was rather nice and quite amusing, with his cream cries. :) Miki once again approved.
Last, they went into a house, and was shown a miniature sumo stadium. While playing with the people in the stadium, two guys came in and get mad at them for playing with it. Their surprised expressions were funny. XD;; Then they tried making their own sumo wrestler to fight. Miki accidently cut off her sumo wrestler's arms. XD;; She have to glue it back together. And then the match started. Miki and Eri's sumo looking quite simplified and deformed against the two guys'. XD;; To sum up the match in a few words, Miki beats everyone. ^^;; And for that, Miki approved. XD;; The guys were funny when they lost. Hahaha. Miki once again showed me what an impressive person she is. Good job! The two guys were very amusing as well.
Erizabeth and Miki-sama came back to the set of HPC, only to find that this is the end of HPC. Typical, since H!M is going to be cut down to half an hour anyways. They were a bit shocked, but said their short good bye. I ended up enjoying HPC, even though it was rather short. It's better than the Senorita thing. Oh well.. *shrugs*

GAM - Lululu live stage is then played. Ayaya impressed me once again with her voice. The song wasn't bad too. But the dance wasn't all that stella. And that super short outfits and stocking. Seems to be more aimed at wotas. Well, this is H!P, everything is aim at wotas. :x
Then the announcement. First he announced his decisions of adding Junjun and Linlin to Morning Musume as Chinese exchance student. He was smart enough to let us know ahead before making the announcement so it can sinked in and won't cause as much hates. :/ Look, in the VTRs that the girls are watching, it's subbed in Chinese! XD;; Am I the one that found it amusing? :x No?
Next, the announcement to the girls.
Everyone's expressions after hearing the news: shocked like us, but more happy looking. Actually this capture was taken before so don't let it confused you. Then Yoshizawa Hitomi was singled out for a personal VTR message from Tsunku. He told her to meet with Junjun and Linlin first before MM meet to help build a better relationships. Hello! Online have it translated. Yoshi looked confused and amused at the end of his VTR and asked us: "What should I do?" We don't know... So she showed us.

Yoshi, Junjun, and Linlin have their secret meeting from the other MM members. She tried to break the tension by naming Chinese foods. Okei... =_=;; I was hoping she could do better than that, but whatever works.
Anyways, next the girls reading newspapers about Jujun and Linlin on the bus. They are being taken to meet the girls themselves. Aichan and Gakisan was sitting together. Eri and Sayumi was sitting together. These two who are best friends are sitting together. That's why I really like this part. It showed us something very different about the girls. Reina and Koharu wasn't sitting together, but was reading the newspaper together. Aika was reading alone, since she just joined. Miki was, of course the smart one, sleeping. :) And the show ended. We have to watch next week, which is the show tomorrow to know what happen next. :x Next week, or tomorow, the recaps episode that were suppose to be last week. =_=;;

Actually, after watching show, I guess I didn't really hate Junjun and Linlin that much.. Well, I don't dislike them, but I don't like them at the moment either. I guess I can get use to them, which is much faster than Kusumi Koharu. I still haven't been able to get use to her yet. Sorry kids. :x Maybe a few more months.

For captures, check here.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tsunku, why?

So the news was out, even before the we see the words coming out from the man himself.

Official source

According to, there will be two additions of two Chinese girls intergrated into Morning Musume. They are Li Chun (or nicknamed Junjun, 19 yrs old; in white) and Qian Lin (or nicknamed Linlin, 16 yrs old; in black). Both are put into MM as 8th gen, similar to that of Miki and 6th gens. More informations can be optain from forum. The good news is this seems to be temporary.

Excused me for being negative, but what is Tsunku thinking? I probably wouldn't care if he just put them into a temporary H!P unit, but why Morning Musume? MM had always been the Japanese girl group to a lot of people. Just adding new people from auditions was already hard to adjust. Adding people outside of the auditions into MM was not easy to adjust as well. I felt this way when Fujimoto Miki was added, but since Miki already had a fan base at the time, it went well. But adding people outside the country and outside of the MM auditions, I'm sure they will recieve a lot of hates from the fans and wotas. And these girls spoke little to none Japanese. Why, Tsunku? Why?? They better not start making the girls sing Chinese songs. =_=;; I like Chinese songs, and I am studying Chinese myself, but usually, when people singing in another language, they sound horrible! And MM already have a few horrible singers even when they are singing in their own language. :x

Lets me nitpick on their look department. I am ugly, and they are very cute, especially for 16 and 19 years old girls. In America, (Asian) girls these ages are really mature looking. Maybe I'm just jealous, but Li Chun seems a bit unnatural to me since she looks too cute that it's nauseating. Plus, she remind me with Rainnie Yang, and Rainnie Yang is not my favorite Taiwanese actress (actually I'm irritate by her, despite her trying to be cute). Li Chun also seems to be a cam whore. So that's a triple negative for me. But she is above the 12-14 age range, good. :) Qian Lin looks very natural and very her age, she's also quite pretty. She's like a cross between Yamada Yu and Ayaka(H!P). ^^;; She seems like she have a bundle of talents. From hosting, acting, monomane, to piano and guitar. And she's not too young, 16. I seem to be bias between these two. :x

At least I'm a bit glad that Qian Lin have musical talents. Anyone who can play the piano and guitar are good in my book. I have to see how Li Chun is doing with her 2 years piano first before I can adjust to her. ^_^;; But it's going to be a while before I can put a name with a face. @_@;;

On to the rumors, Takahashi Ai will have a solo album plus DVD.

If it were true, good! I can't wait. But I hope it's just going to be a side project from MM, and she won't be graduating from MM anytime soon. I really want to see her being MM leader. I want to see her lead the group after Miki leaves, with Niigaki Risa as subleader. Plus, the graduate members these days are doing nothing, beside from going on to a few shows. Aichan is good at singing, and she is shy when talking to strangers. So going on shows after she graduates are a no nos. Tsunku, who is silly enough to think that he can cough up good songs even when he sleeps, are the main, and most time, only person who write the girl's songs. And since his band are getting back together, how is he going to devote his time to write good songs or any song to Aichan when he have to write great songs to the money makers (GAM and MM) as well as the rest of H!P and his own band? And I rather Aichan singing original songs than old songs. It would be great if Aichan have songwriting capabilities, but, we havn't seen anything from Aichan in this department yet.

If she were to really graduate, I hope Aichan and Risa can graduate together and create their own unit. Their friendships are wellknown, only second or third to MikiAya and TsujiAibon, so to break them up by graduation is just wrong. It would be a bit unfair to Risa, but what is she going to do after graduations beside going on shows? It's true, her voice is improving, but she's even better with Aichan. If she could cover the talk part while Aichan can cover the singing part, then all their weakness are gone. ^^;; It would be good too if they break into the acting non H!P drama world. I would love to see that. Well, I can always hope.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/11/2007

First of all, lets me appologize. I noticed as I come to this page that it lags! Major lags! Which is extremely bad. I was too occupied with the pictures that I forgot the important of having a browseable page. Lag is bad! I play games, so I know. :x So from now on, I'm going to just upload a max of 10 pictures per post instead of 20-40. Hopefully it'll work out much better. =_=;; Again すみません。Anyways, on to the show.Today show, there are no WPG! Yay! XD;; It's Hello Morning Academy. Kusumi Koharu, Kamei Eri, and Fujimoto Miki was not present. There are a lot of Aichan in here. I was surprised since usually, she usualy have very limited scenes. Risa also have a lot of scenes but Aichan have more. And she looks great in this episode as well. :D

First they are teaching the girls expressions. ^_^;; A trio comedian joined the show to helps the girl with their expression. First of, they give foot massages to the girls and showed their best expressions. Takahashi Ai goes first. Very short, but quite funny. I was impressed as she still looks pretty even when she's in major pain. :x After the short foot massage, Aichan was quite polite and thanks the sensei. ^___^ Next is Risa. It's funny when she was pulling away because of the pain, she almost exposed herself.. ^_^;; I was shocked, and so was her! Next, they showed an example where one is holding this fabric stretchy thingy in their mouth, and the other stretched it and let go. No doubt, it must be painful. >_<;; This time, it's Tsuji Nozomi and Miyoshi Erika. Tsuji acts like a sempai and make Erika be the person that's holding the end of the fabric in her mouth. It's hillarious. Erika was very funny in her reaction and her immitation of Sadako (kowaii). XD;; Tsuji is such a sadistics. XD;; Next, the seiyuu of Goku (Dragon Balls) came and they tried their hands on voice acting. :) But first, Niigaki Risa request Goku's voice actor to do the Kamehameya~ thing. ^^;; She's like a fan here, so genki. X3;; Anyways, on to the voice acting part. They are divided into 3 groups, each with 3 people, and voice for an anime/movie. Then the seiyuu will then decide which group is the best. Of course the best group is able to eat some sort of sushi(?!). It looks good though.
First Yoshizawa group (Yoshizawa Hitomi, Michishige Sayumi, Okada Yui) tried their hands on an anime. Very funny, drowning raccoons. :3 Seiyuu sensei expressed her amusement. ^_^;; Next Takahashi group (Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika) tried a kungfu movie (Tiger Dragon Gate!). It's really funny here. I was cracking up because of their fighting scenes.. Aiyayayayaya~! Aichan's so funny here. Aika's also funny because she's sound all bored acting as the henchmen. XD;; I have to say, Reina was actually the one who keep the story going. Sensei seems to enjoy it. :x Next, Tsuji team (Tsuji Nozomi, Niigaki Risa, Miyoshi Erika) tried an American movie. Tsuji did quite a good job making her voice deep to match the man. And her deep laugh was hillarious. Sensei like it, so Tsuji team won. :P
More cosplay from the Hello! Morning gangs. Finally, a Hello! Morning skit in so long. Yoshi is still funny with her exagerate expressions. But I doubt she can do well in reall drama. Some one prove me wrong and put her in a non H!P drama please. :x
Then some scary but funny guy come... He was really good, his fan dance. :D But he was dragged away by Nakazawa and Tanaka officers. :x
And then some group came and promote their CD? Who are they? o_O
Next, HPC. This time, it's Charmy and Fujimoto. ^_^;; Charmy did her usuall introductions as the embarassed Fujimoto watch on. Charmy then promote some DVD and stuffs.
Pinky wasn't here today. Instead, it's Mitsui Aika. They gave her a nickname. Was it Michi? Mitsi? :/ Aichan joing to promote her newest Photobook, and Kamei came to promote hers. Eri looks funny with the whole Yankumi frills getup. XD;; Anyways, they do the shaking thing, and Aichan won by a landslide. She then promote her Love Hello photobook, which was shot in Thailand. Apparently so was Eri. :) Now the question is, why are those H!M weeks that Aichan was gone, Eri was not gone? We thought it were for the photobook, but if it were so, wouldn't Eri have gone as well, since they went to Thailand together? :/
I'm starting to like Aika more and more. First she's a fan of Aichan. ^_______^ Second, she's funny, especially in HPC, calling Charmy Baba. XD;; Third, did I mention she's a fan of Aichan? So what if I am Aichan bias.. :x Anyways, Tsunku look serious and tried to announce something, but was cutoff for the effect. So now we have to wait next week for the announcement. Maybe it have something to do with Aichan, since we see a lot of her today. I hope it's not her announcement to graduate or something. Whatever it is, it better be good (no more graduations for now please). Also next week, some recaps from the older episodes. :x Also, Fujimoto and Erizabeth tried their hand on some odd sport (ironing? XD).

Screen captures are here. :D Enjoy.

Since Spring Break is over for me, I don't think I'll be able to write as much as when I actually have Spring Break. :(

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu

General Comment:
I finally finished watching Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun). I finally get stop putting off watching this drama and watched all the eps in one sitting. Or else I wouldn't be typing this at 2 in the morning. =_=;; People better be grateful.

Anyways, this story tell of a highschool girl, Hoshi Izumi, who always follow the rules (never walk when the light is red). But she suddenly inherited the kumichou (boss) position of Medaka Gumi on the same day that her dad died of a traffic accident. Izumi declined at first, but after learning that her dad was murdered by a certain policeman, she accept the position. Of course, this came with a huge price. Blood, violent, and a lot of backstabbing. I could tell you now, but it'll be spoilers. So I'll do it at the end.

Anyways, the drama spanned in a total of 7 episodes, which is quite short to the usual 11-12 eps of japanese drama. Also one of the reason why I decided to check it out.

The main character (Hoshi Izumi) of this show is Nagasawa Masami. You might have remember her from such drama such as Dragon Sakura, or the Touch movie (XD;;). She did a pretty ok job, but kinda exagerated the cuteness and naivity. There were rumors of her creating some sort of Nagasawa dan against the Sawajiri Erika dan. And since Ishihara Satomi is in her group, I was curious to know about this group leader, which was one small reason that I watch the show.

But of course, rumors are rumors afterall. How would we know if they are true or not?

The second, and definitely main reason is because of this special man, Tsutsumi Shinichi. One of the best actor at the moment. He played Sakuma, the second incharge of Medaka Gumi. Due to the request of the last boss, instead of Sakuma become leader, he's supposed to find the boss' nephew (Izumi's dad) or any blood relatives to succeed the kumichou position. And since he's quite a responsible guy, he went and find Izumi's dad, but was disappointed because of the news of his death. After knowing that Izumi is the deceased boss' blood relative, he decided to support and protect her. He's supposed to rarely smile... But we already see his smile at the first episode.. o_o;;

Great acting as always by Tsutsumi-san. My favorite character. Always so cool! :3 I love him in any of his serious dramas (Good Luck) or in any of his silly dramas (Lunch Queen). I wish he's in more dramas. D:
Remember this guy? From Ruri no Shima (Ruri's Island). Remember him as the nice old guy that adopted Ruri? :D Well, he's back in this drama, and he's always smiling. It was interesting seeing him in this role. I don't want to say anymore though, or else I'll spoiled the story.. =_=;;
Remember these two from H2? :D Tanaka Koutaro played Hideo in H2, and the principal's kid (sorry I don't know his name, but he's cute! Tanaka played a guest role in here (episode 3) while the principal's kid played Hamaguchi's servant who is quite skillful with the knife. :)

You can find even more screencaps here (800+ of them). =_=;;

Thoughts and Spoilers:
The drama was alright, and the concept started very good. The story was also quite good, but it was too easy to guess what happen next. It's so obvious who are evil. Many reviews said the show overall was very cheezy, or getting more cheezy as it goes on. I have to disagree. What's so cheezy about it. It was really sad, and touching, especially since everyone died. T_T;; They really showed us that life is important. But it was too bloody, and violent for my taste. And the second ep have a few sec of nudity. I was surprised by the scene, but it went by so fast that it take me a few minutes for it to actually sink in. This show is definitely not for children. Not a family drama.

At the begining, I thought it was going to be like the reverse of My Boss My Hero. Where instead of a yakuza become a student, the student became the boss of a yakuza. And she would have to learn to act like a yakuza, and adjust to a yakuza way of life, etc. And in the end, she'll became the greatest boss ever, and everyone will live happily under her jurisdictions. Boy, was I wrong. Everyone ended up dying one by one. The first death happened, Takashi, and I was like they're kidding right? He'll ended up alive again like Sakuma. But when they finally showed them in his funeral, I finally know, this is not going to be a happy drama. =_=;; If you watched the credits opening parts, they showed the whole show, pretty much. Why didn't I noticed that they died off the same way they were introduced in the opening? It was really sad watching them die and you can't save them. =_=;;

At the first scene, where Izumi was shooting, I thought that she'll ended up killing a few people, but it seems she didn't. =_=;; That was rather unexpected. And who expected Sakuma to die? Well, I didn't, at least not until the yakuza were fighting. =_=;; Just when he started to come back to real life. =_=;; Why kill him? It was the very end too. It was obvious who were the bad guys a mile away. If you didn't, my god, what nice life you're leading. I want to be oblivious too. I wished they make it more secretive in this kind of drama, it would make everything more interesting.

Izumi spent all the whole drama crying. To the point that I was covering my ears of her wailings. Definitely not one of her best role. I was expecting something better from the leader of the Nagasawa group (jk). :P At the begining, she was portrayed as a person who always followed the rule. She never walk when the light are red. She was peace loving and donot want the members to use the Sakuma's "cute hobby." XD;; But at the end of the series, she ended up twisting the rule just a tiny bit. She's still good, but there are definitely a tiny shift. But she didn't kill, and was about to turned herself in. I'm glad that the writer didn't change her, and make her kill someone though, even if it's a bit of a disappointment. :x I'm never sastisfy I tell you. :P

I like the sun/moon/sky scenes, I'm love the sky afterall. And the scenery of Asakusa (where Medaka is locate at) is quite pretty too. The musics kinda reminded me of Iryu.

Must watch? Sure, if you have time, or if you like this type of serious yakuza drama, or have a uniform fetish. XD;; I think you'll like it better if you're watching it in one go or have a low expectation like me. Not recommended for those with fear of blood, or hate violent.