Tuesday, December 11, 2007

M..M.. Mari?

While I was browsing jdorama.com, I came across a post about a kungfu based manga adaption to drama/movie called Kung-fu kun. It's japanese kungfu show due to air next year. Sound interesting enough.

After browsing the website a bit and becoming blinded by the amount of Japanese characters. I stumbled onto the cast page (which is what I'm trying to find in the first place). The first person to catch my eyes is none other than Yaguchi Mari.

According to babel, she'll be playing Sayuri, a classmate of Reiko-chan (Nanami Fujimoto).... As in the little girl that's friend with the monk. Uh... as in the LITTLE girl? So either Reiko-chan will be very smart or Yaguchi Mari will be playing a little girl. Well, I'm sure she will do fine since she is short.

Other cast include Sato Megumi as the teacher, and Juri Ueno as the employee of a sushi bar.

Not really sure if it's going to be a drama or special or movie, but I'll look forward to it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

What's up with the anti-Aichan movement?

I am amuse and shock at all the interesting insights to making a better Morning Musume. I just have 2 things to say.

Aichan- People keep saying that she is unable to fill in the shoe of Yossie and Miki. How is one person, who is completely different, able to fill in the shoe of 2 people? The math just doesn't add up. While I do think Aichan take too much parts in songs, but at least she has a strong voice to make up for it. I say lay low with Kusumi, and more duet lines with all members (just a personal reference).

Wota- I keep saying it over and over (mostly to myself), UFA should start breaking into drama instead of anime. I say, it's the anime that bringing in even more wota, since anime mainly target otaku and kids-to-be-otaku. Drama songs targets a larger audiences with a larger age group and it's free publicity. The only problem with this is the song need to be meaningful and beautiful.

If any of the girls are able to act in a drama, it means more fans, especially on haromoni@. The recent Johnny dramas showed me that, you don't have to be a good actor/actress to be in dramas. So, even if the girls are horrible actress, they still attract new fans. It's all about looks now. There are so many possibilities about dramas when you get down to it. I'll just leave that to your imagination.

Another strain of thought, watching my Japanese classmate singing and bobbing his head to the Buono opening of Shugo Chara is darn amusing. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We like non-related twins!

They say, there's always a person out there in this world that look exactly like you. Well, it's true! Just look at some of these examples.

I'd just recently watch the first episode of Shugo Chara, the anime with H!P's Buono (Momoko, Miyabi, Airi) singing the ending theme. The anime is actually not bad at all, even though it's from Nakayoshi (Ribon's better :P). I think I'm going to continue watching it. And to my amusement, the main character, Hinamori Amu, reminded me so much of Tanaka Reina.

It's not really just her outfit, or the way she did her hair, their personality also kind of similar. Amu is a girl who has many characters. She's a shy girl who want to be her true self. In front of many people, she has on a cool face, but when she's alone, she's cute. When I was watching this, I wondered if the mangakas got their inspiration from Tanaka Reina herself (someone read the manga and tell me if it's true!). Because Amu reminded me of Reina and her continuous changes of appearances and personality. Sometimes, Reina is yankee, and other time she acts cute. Hecks, even Amu's outfit reminded me of Reina's Kanashimi Twilight outfit.

Of course, we all know and most agreed that Sugaya Risako and Sawajiri Erika look very a like. I just hope their personality don't match (yea, that Close Note incident, really, wow). I stumbled on a picture of a dollfie face (from Clea's Cave) while that reminded me of Risako, when she pout (can't find a good matching picture). Except for the eyes, I think they look very a like. :P Ball-joint dolls are each personal and handmade. How rare is it to have (or partially) your face on a doll what will be sold worldwide. (Another person that just reminded me of one of these dolls is Ueda Tatsuya from KAT-TUN.) Out of the 3, Risako gains the upper hand in looks/cuteness.

I personally think the ball-joint dolls are nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to own many as they are kind of creepy, and extremely expensive. As for Sawajiri Erika, I'd read the news about her acting rude first and I thought that the media done it again, they exaggerated on what happened. But when I went and watch the clip from YouTube, wow, she was just plain rude. Oh well, I'd never really like Erika much anyways.

Yajima Maimi is my favorite member in C-ute. I think as the grows she looks better and better. Toda Erika is one of my favorite young actress. As she grows she also looks better and better. When both of them are younger, they are not much of a looker. We all know Maimi was just a scrawny kid during the ZYX stage. I'd seen Erika younger photos and well, they are cute, but not pretty, kind of plain. After some time had pass, both of them became beauties and surprisingly, look a lot like each other. I don't know if it's a coincidence or do they just have the same type of gene. Looking at their pictures side by side, don't they look like they could be related by blood/sisters?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Is it just me or it is impossible to find Fukuda Mayuko's pictures, especially the newer one? If anyone know where I can find them, please do show me the way. Anyways, I like this OPV mostly because it has a lot of very good pictures. Enjoy.

credit: koujiwada14

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Morning Musume - All Singles Complete ~10th Anniversary~ cover

WTF are they thinking?

I know Love Machine is a big hit and all, but this is just a cruel joke they play on the current members.

credit: ttenovy from AsianFanatics

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heart of Greed

While I personally think that the recent TVB drama are somehow getting worst and worst, mostly due to the continually promotion of Miss HK or Miss Chinese International, Heart of Greed gave me a deep impression.

Heart of Greed is one of TVB 2007 big production series (40 eps), and it contains many great casts. To sum up the story in a few words, it's about struggle for the family fortune as well as romance inserted in between. Half of the show is about the Tong family, and the other half (the boring half) is about romance triangle/square between one of the son (Moses Chan), a lawyer in training (Linda Chung), an established lawyer(Raymond Lam), and Linda's best friend (Yoyo Mung).

Personally, the only good watchable part is the last 10 episodes. The first 30 episodes is so boring and useless that I didn't even bother to watch it and just tune in at the end. Well, I do understand the first 10 episodes are just for introducing the characters, but I think just condensing this drama into the usual 20 episodes is fine. Knowing TVB, they are still going to solve everything at the last episode anyways. Waste of our time.

I'll bet you're thinking why did I started my paragraph praising the show when the third paragraph is saying otherwise. Well, like I'd said, the show is exceptional for its casts, mainly the older generations. Most impressive performances is Susanna Kwan, who plays the second mother, aka bad guy. I never thought I would love and hate a person so deeply. I hate her character and wish karma to happen to her quicker, but I absolutely adore her acting. Ha Yu, as the father was quite good. At first I think he is just too stupid, but when he stand up to the Susanna when she was making trouble with the kids, I'm so impressed with his character. My hate for his coward evaporated. I think he is a good actor as well. Another good one is Michelle Yim, who's the aunt and is actually the sensible one. And last but not least Li Sze Kei, the mom who later died. I personally thought she was too nice, but I also thought she was so smart and impressive in trying the keep the family together. The family feud is very interesting because of their performances. You will not be disappointed.

The other casts, aka the younger generation, are consisted of mostly irritating characters and boring love stories. Despited how much I like Raymond Lam and Moses Chan, I just always want to skip their romance parts, mainly because of Linda Chung and her continuously irritating cries in the later parts. It may not just be because of Linda, but it's the character's fault, but it made me wished that romances never existed in this drama, despites if that happens Raymond wouldn't be in drama in the first place. Other good actor/actress such as Bosco Wong or Tavia Yeung was so overshadowed by the love square between Moses/Linda/Raymond/Yoyo that they failed to shine which is a waste of their talents. This is why I only like the last part of the series, where romance was put aside and the family problems are actually focus on.

So all in all, the show is actually pretty enjoyable only because of the family feuds story and the great older generation casts. Everything else is bad and shouldn't be bothered to watch. Lol.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fukuda Mayuko + L = WIN

According to Tokyo Graph there is going to be another movie based on Death Note's most popular character, L, before his Kira cases and his unfortunate death. Fukuda Mayuko is casted as the heroine. She played a genius girl who is the key to solving a case, so L is supposed to look after her. There's also an official site made as well, but since the filming is just starting this month, nothing had been updated at the moment. The director for this movie is also the director for Ringu.

I think they made a smart move by casting Fukuda Mayuko. I can't wait to watch it, as she is my favorite child actress, a long with Kamiki Ryunosuke. :D

Speaking of Kamiki Ryunosuke, they (Mayuko and Kamiki) are going to have a new movie coming out soon called Little DJ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari, probably within this year. I don't know the details, but since the casts contained two of my favorite, I want to see this! No, I NEED to see this!

I can't wait until the movies come out! :D

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kinpachi Sensei 8th season confirmed

Konatatachi: 3-nen B-gumi, Kuroi-sensei
Kuroi: Hai Hai~

If you weren't aware about the recent beginning of Lucky Star, it's obviously referenced to Japan greatest teacher, Kinpachi sensei. While feeling nostalgias after hearing it the first time on Lucky Star, I thought "It would be so nice if they have another season of Kinpachi sensei." Of course, I know it will never come true as the ending of season 7, Kinpachi sensei decided to retired. But, surprise! Kinpachi Sensei season 8 is confirmed. YATTA!!

While the students had not yet been confirm, knowing past Kinpachi sensei seasons, my guess the male student are most likely will be Johnnies. :x But I hope one of the female student will be Fukuda Mayuko, preferably the main female student. lol. Erm, but I have a feeling it will be Shida Mirai, as she'd appeared in a many drama recently. :( And many of the casts are probably the students of The Queen's Classroom. Of course, the possibilities of having brand new child stars can also happen. But *cross fingers* Fukuda Mayuko, PLEASE!!

It would also be interesting if H!P kids are in it, but impossible. lol

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tegoshi has a little brother I don't know about?

So I just started watching the first episode of Aijou Ippon staring Matsura Aya. While the first episode made me cringed with Matsura's cutesy acts, it also caused a few delightful surprises as well.

It's true that this drama was shot during Ayaya's cute stage, and I have to admit, she's very cute in the drama. But all she does (during the first episode) was pouting and trying to look cute. Now I truly understand why people keep saying about Sayumi's "ichiban kawaii" being annoying. As for her acting skill, or lacks of, pretty self-explanatory. :x Maybe the rest will be better. I don't want to be harsh but I found most of H!P members' acting skills are definitely lacking, maybe with the exception of Nagazawa Yuko, and kinda Goto Maki and Abe Natsumi. But whenever they started "trying" to acts, I found them really unnatural. Even Yossie , who is great during the Hello! Morning theater, became horrible at her little drama special (the one where she switch body with a guy). Well, maybe she gotten a little better now since that drama was shot a few years ago, but you really can't tell now. H!P seriously need to have more girls with talent in this department! Then maybe they can conquer the drama world instead of letting JE stepping all over them. But some of the new Johnny's are horrible actors too! UF* should think a little about it and start training talents.

I was also surprised that Ito Atsushi (Densha Otoko star) is also in this drama playing the Ayaya's sempai! =_=;; While I have no problem with the guy acting, as his character fits him quite well, but I wished they used a younger guy. Ito-san just doesn't look anything like a highschool senior. UF* are probably afraid Ayaya's going to have some sort of scandal. lol. Another surprised, Saeko is in this drama as Ayaya's friend. :D Not much developments from the first episode, so I'm looking forward to see more of her later.The third surprise is Tegoshi Yuya's look alike (which I also refered him as chibi Tegoshi). First of all, this kid is absolutely adorable. And secondly, I was shocked at how closely he resembled Tegoshi (NEWS member). XD;; The first time he appeared on screen, I really thought it was a younger Tegoshi himself. But then, after remembering that Ayaya's and Tegoshi's ages are quite close, well, my theory quickly got disintegrated. I think he is probably the few reasons that I'd decided not to delete the rest of Aijou Ippon's episodes off my harddrive (the other one is the appearance of Takahashi Ai and Kamei Eri in episode 7). I wondered what's his name is. He looks very familiar so I wondered if I'd seen him in another drama before. Maybe Wonderful Life? Hmm..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Konno Asami Back?!

According to Hello! Online, Konno Asami will participate in the new Gatas Brilhantes H.P. single along with other Gatas members Yoshizawa, Ishikawa, Satoda, Korenaga, Mano, Noto, Sawada, Sengoku, and Mutou. She will also will appears in H!P summer concert tour in July and will continue to play futsal with Gatas.

I'm sure many fans will be excited to hear this piece of news, but I, on the other hand, just grateful that it's not another dun dun dun scandal. While it's not bad news, it's not necessarily good either. For me, Konno Asami is definitely the few/many at the bottom of the list, and since she's graduated, I don't feel the need to "care" about her life. Whenever I think of her concert, all I could remember was how angry I was at UFA for ruin Ogawa Makoto's own graduation (I wouldn't really call it a graduation though). So this post is pretty much meaningless. lol.

Not that I care about Gatas anyways as the only person I like from the list is Yoshizawa Hitomi. And I don't even know who half of the rest are. I'm happy for Yossie because she isn't going to fade in the background yet like most of the predecessors. So that's awsome news for Yossie.

I thought Konkon want to concentrate on her studies? I wondered if the summer concert tour is just going to be for summer. But then, don't Japanese only have like 3 weeks of summer of something since they have their school year round. I wondered how she would be able to balance her school work and going on tour around the country at the same time? I know Konkon is a smart lady, and I'm sure she'll be able to manage, but I thought she was really weak-willed. Why go back to show business when she want to concentrate on studying? It's one of those thing that you can have either one or the other, not both.

Maa, if Kitagawa Keiko can do it, maybe Konkon can do it too. I kinda have doubts. If she fails in school, I would laugh.

Updating on the last post about Miki.

I'm glad she resign, even though she has an awesome voice.
1. UFA gave her a way out and she just totally made them eat their words. Good for Miki but still stupid and quite amusing. lol
2. She herself said on Sanma's radio show earlier that they, as morning musume, cannot date, and looks what happen now. I don't like people who lied like that. I lied as well, but the differences is that people world wide don't care and look up to me.
3. I don't like how she doesn't even seem remorseful, but oh well.. good riddance. Just kidding. At least she's still in GAM.

I'm glad Aichan hate guys at the moment, or else she'll be the next to be on Friday, in an article not about her newest pb.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Morning Musume + Friday = SCANDALS

I am seriously pissed off with Friday, or rather tabloids in general. I mean why can't they just leave the girls alone? First it's Yaguchi Mari, then Kago Ai, then Tsuji Nozomi, and now it's Fujimoto Miki (along with Abe Natsumi inserted somewhere). Suddenly so many of these scandals are popping up that I'm just not even remotely surprised. The first thing I said was actually "Again?"

So just a month ago, we have the Aibon scandal finally putting to an end. Before we could even breath a sigh of relief, we then have Tsuji with her news of pregnancy and marriage. Now, just when I was able to climb out of bed after recupperating for a few days due to my wisdom teeth removal, I found Miki's their next target. =_=;; Miki is found to spent a few days with a guy. *gasps*

Seriously, I could careless if she's a virgin or not. But what I'm worried about is are UFA going to remove her from MM? D: I like her voice. I don't care about her personality or her groping antics or, well anything at all as I'm not a fan, but I LIKE her voice. Without her in MM, that's just unimaginable (at the moment). And beside, I havn't even be able to see Miki's leadership yet. This is just despicable of Friday. D: Who's next?

Oh by the way, congratulation to Tsuji's engagement news. But I felt she was rather irresponsible. Okay, I have to first say that I am not her fan so maybe I'm a bit harsh. She was cute and funny when she was younger, but as she grew she just became even more hard to bear. I didn't like how they keep putting her in H!M in the later eps. Between the members of W, I liked Aibon better out of the two. And of course Aibon disappointed me with her scandals. So, going back to her happy news and why I felt she was irresponsible. First she have stageplay and the whole Gyaruru going on for her, and even though she know she's going to get marry soon, she still accepted it. If you know you're going to get marry soon, don't take the jobs! I felt really sorry for Tsunku and all the actors/actress that's in the stageplay because they have to put up with her irresponsibilities and picked up the pieces after they found out that she's pregnant and then marriage. Which leads to the second part, I felt she is an absolute idiot for getting pregnant out of wedlock. But whatever, I could careless about Tsuji and her life, even though I get angry when I talk about it now. *laugh* Sorry to all her fans if I pissed you off in any way. Congratulations to your marriage and pregnancy. Hope you will have a happy life. Hopefully, hopefully, after a family had started for you, you'll learn how to be more responsible.

At the H!O forum (specifically Aichan's thread), problems arised for Aichan. If Miki were to be removed from Morning Musume, many of the fans started worried that she won't be a good leader. First of all, isn't it too freaking early to talk about the next leadership when Miki's not even overthrown yet? At least wait until Miki's officially kicked out. Second of all, I totally disagreed. We all know how much a crybaby Aichan is, I won't denie. But to say that Aichan is not ready to be leader, that's just incorrect. First of all, nobody is borne leader, they learn by experience. Some learned faster that others and some later, but when the time come and the opportunities are presented to them, they can take it. Aichan is (in a way) adaptable, and I believed she will be able to be a great leader. She might not be as great as say Yuko, but I believe she can do it on her own or with helps from the ex-MM leaders. I believe in Aichan, because I know she can. Hopefully many of her fans can believe in her as well. I don't expects the nonfans/or haters will believe in her, but I expect all of her fans can believe in her. Just have trust in her.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Waratte Iitomo Haru 2007 SP

Waratte Iitomo Haru SP is a special for introducing the Spring season drama for Fuji TV. The host is Mashahiro Nakai and Tamori (Morita Kazuyoshi). The show is so funny, and it made me increased my must watch list. :x I totally recommend watching it. Everyone is really funny.

First they introduced the team who will be competing. First is Proposal Daisakusen, including Yamashita Tomohisa, Nagasawa Masami, Fujiki Naohito, Eikura Nana, and Hiraoka Yuta. Hanayome to Papa team is next, which include Ishihara Satomi, Taguchi Junnosuke, Shiraishi Miho, Takizawa Saori, and Asano Kazuyuki. Everyone was holding hand as they step out, which I found really cute. Then Oniyome Nikki - Ii Yu Dana (or I'll just called it Oniyome Nikki 2 from now on), which include the two main cast Gori and Mizuki Arisa, as well as Eibihara Yuri, Kawashima Naomi, Takachi Noburu, and the grandfather (I think). Next group is Watashitachi no Kyokasho, including Kanno Miho, Tanihara Shosuke, Itoh Atsushi, and some others that I forgot. The last drama group is Liar Game, Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota came out looking extremely like a super cute couple. Also have Iwasa Mayuko (from Brother Beat, Gals Circle, and Ganbatte Ikimasshoi), and a few others as well, who I don't really know. Last team out is Waratte Iitomo's own team, which are comedians that frequent the show. :x I don't know much about them except, they are loud and really funny. ^^;;
The first game they played is Nya Nya Nya Iitomo (something like that). Similar to the gesture game, where a member of your team do some kind of gesture and you're suppose to guess the answer. Instead of gestures, the guest have to sing nya nya nya (cat talk) and the other team members have to guess the title of the song. It's really funny. The most funny team was Watashitachi no Kyokasho. Kanno Miho is so funny, because she was dancing to the song as well as nya-ing it.. XD;; And she spent a long time just on the song even though the members didn't have a clue about it. XD;; And she was the first person to do it as well. Gori was also dancing to his answer and eventually run out of time. ^^;; Also Liar Game team, who ended up passing a lot of songs. And the first song, Toda Erika passed it, Nakai gave a mean face since the song was from SMAP. ^^;; This show is full of funny moments.
The team with the highest points after all those nyaing was Proposal Daisakusen. ^^;; Waratte Iitomo team was second, and Hanayome to Papa was third. :D 4th is Oniyome Nikki. 5th Watashitachi, and last is Liar Game, who passed many songs. ^^;;
Next up is Wii Boxing, where they have a competition between the teams as the title said, playing boxing with Wii. XD;; I want to buy a Wii after watching it. I think Waratte Iitomo must at least get something from Sony, since they are promoting the console. :P Anyways, first test match is between Nakai and Tamori himself. It's really funny, they even have similar CG faces. XD;; Anyways, the old man Tamori won. Nakai was so weak! ^^;;

First official match is between the leading ladies of Proposal and HanaPapa, Nagasawa Masami and Ishihara Satomi. It's so funny, Satomi hit like a girl.. XD;; Well, she is a girl, but it's cute. ^^;; I was rooting for Satomi actually because she seems like the underdog. But Satomi actually won, but Masami was also quite closed in winning. She comment that the camera man was situated himself where she can't see the screen, which prevented her from winning. ^^;; Uh ok...

Next match is between the leading males of Proposal and HanaPapa, Yamashita Tomohisa and Taguchi Junnosuke. XD;; The host declared it as a NEWS vs KATTUN match. ^^;; The host then asked which is kouhai and which sempai, and they answered Yamapi is senpai and Taguchi is kouhai. And then they asked which group started older, and the answer was KAT-TUN is older (5 years?), while NEWS is younger (4 years?). Nakai was shocked! XD;; I thought he would at least know, but I didn't know either. Anyways, then the conversation changed to nickname, and Taguchi said he called Yamapi as Yamapi~! XD;; Yamapi looked extremely pissed, and then everyone started calling him Yamapi as well. XD;; In the background, the audiences were like "Kawaii~!!" XD Anyways, the match, and Yamapi won. ^^;; Even though Taguchi lost he was smiling all the time while playing. ^^;; During the match, I was thinking, if Taguchi was hitting like Satomi, he would have won too, because his swings are too wide.. :x

Third match is between Mizuki Arisa and Kanno Miho. Arisa commented that she have a Wii at home, which gave her the upper hand. Kanno Miho was so hillarious during the match. She keep pulling her blouse/shirt up. ^^;; But as expected, Mizuki Arisa won. Next up is Gori vs. Ito Atsushi.. Gori's funny, and super nice. ^^;; He let Ito-san win. ^^;; And the faces he made while he was loosing is so funny. Then Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota vs 2 of the Waratte members (not at the same time of course). I could only say, what is Matsuda Shota wearing? o_o;; I kinda like the outfit, but it really doesn't match him/his hair. Toda Erika was cute though. Anyways, the Liar Game team lost.Next, they have a ranking for the ladies, and each team are suppose to choose a girl and their rank will be shown. Then the team will of course get the points based on the rank. But it's bad if they picked the 1st rank. :x Sorry, I can't explain it properly. =_=;; But first, they have the ladies do their battle drama cries. Kanno Miho is so fun. :D Masami placed 10th, while Satomi placed 2nd (and I started to stop paying attention for a bit). Satomi was really surprised. But I think she deserved it. ^^;; Anyways, they go through 1 round and back to the Proposal team, but the Proposal team chosed the 1st rank lady (I don't know who she is), so they lost a few points, which make Waratte team in the lead with Proposal and HanaPapa far behind.
The points was compaired, and the Waratte team complained at how low the points of Liar Game were, who where sitting right next to them. ^^;; Mayuko complained!!! XD;;
Then it's the man's ranking. HanaPapa team was the first to choose, and they chose Ito Atsushi. Nakai teased Ito-san since HanaPapa are full of women (only 1 man not in the ranking).. ^^;; And they asked why they chose him, and everyone started to put Asano Kazuyuki (the only guy) on the spot. ^^;; Anyways, Tamori then read comments why the audiences rank him as such, and it was because: "He looks like a child." XD;; Anyways, next team chose Gori, and it turned out he was ranked 2nd. :D His comment was: "His hair looks funny." XDD;; And then when the last two to be rank was Taguchi and Yamapi. The last ranks that were left was 1st and 3rd. It was Watashitachi team, and they had a hard time figuring out who is not ranked first (or else they'll lose points). ^^;; They ended up choosing Taguchi, and Taguchi's reaction was XD;; Yamapi was first. Gori comments that he's in a pressured position, because it's NEWS Gori KAT-TUN (according to the ranking). XD;; Gori made me can't wait to watch Oniyome Nikki 2. :D
Next they have to to a gesture game with a dummy. It's really funny. ^^;; HanaPapa managed to surpased Waratte team. :D
Hanayome to Papa team won the game, and they can win the prize money if they are able to pull the tablecloths from the table without getting the glasses tip off. I think they did it for the last few SP as well (not sure). Anyways, Satomi was chosen for the task and she didn't manage to do it, so the prize money was shared between all the other teams. ^^;;

Overall, must watch, I havn't laugh this much since I watch one of the old Utaban episode with Morning Musume (sub). :D I totally reccomended it. The captures.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hello! Morning 04/01/2007

It's final season, more study and less watching! :(
First, the crews flied to Li Chun's hometown. They showed a very short process of how Li Chun was chosen. The clip of her audition was shown, as well as other rejects from the auditions. All the girls that wasn't chosen have to sing a song, and Tsunku himself was the judge. Sadly, I have to say, she was the few better looking one from the group.
So Li Chun then fly to Japan, and was sent to meet Qian Lin (I forgot her name and have to look it up. =_=;;). Qian Lin was funny when she almost forgot her Chinese.. XD;;
The Eggs then have a meeting and the news was out that they are going to have a newbie concert. :x Li Chun's shocked by the news since she just got off the plane. :P
The rest of the ranking special. :/ This time, the goes from 30-1, if I remembered correctly.
In one of the ranking, Yasuda Kei was laugh at because of her bad drawings. So 3 of the worst artists (Fujimoto Miki, Kamei Eri, and Yasuda Kei) of Morning Musume have a contest. Lol. Very funny actually. Personally, I thought Eri's drawing was the worst, but Kei won. XD;;
A sneak peek of Morning Musume in Hawaii was shown.. Fujimoto Miki and Yoshizawa Hitomi team up to sing one of the Pinku song. :x I think the pinkus version was better (as bad as it sound) but nice try. I wondered if they did the talking part as well. Mikipink and Hitopink, sound funny, but I would love to hear that.
Aichan sang her solo song Yume Kara Samete (夢から醒めて), and cries while doing it. T_T;; I think she later said she cry because it's her first time singing it in front of fans!? (not sure) Rumors is, a fan was touched and cry while she was singing, and after seeing it, Aichan started crying. Then the other wotas saw her crying and started crying too. XD;; Don't know if it's reliable, but pretty amusing. ^__^;;
More ranking continued. First place is Mini Moni. ^^;; We then said good bye to Hello! Morning, and welcome the new haromoni@. =_=;;


Monday, April 9, 2007

Morning Musume 33 Single: Kanashimi Twilight PV

If anyone havn't watch Morning Musume PV for their newest song, Kanashimi Twilight, go do it now. Definitely one of the best PV I had seen for a while from H!P. I would rank this second or third to Sakura Mankai and I WISH (ok, I lied, but definitely closer to the top). This single will be Yossie's last as a Morning Musume member, and she had quite a few share of lines and screen time (especially at the end).
The main vocals are of course the usual Takahashi Ai and Fujimoto Miki. They sound exceptional good, as always. I used to didn't really like Aichan's voice when she just join, despite being my favorite member, but now, I thought her voices are really nice, I love it. And personally, she sound great when sung together with Miki. Lol. They should do a duets sometimes, I would totally want to hear that. Aichan also sound good with everyone as well. ^^;; Or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm her fan?! :P
In this PV, the outfits are great! Everyone, except Aichan, Yossie, and Mitsui Aika have the almost same outfit (with variations). Even then, Yossie and Aika just had a different color than the rest. But Aichan's outfit is the most different! It's because she's special! :D Their hair are well styled, even Michishige Sayumi's and Niigaki Risa's. Am I the only one that does like their hairstyles? Odd, but fitting. The PV's background itself is very simple. Some would say cheap, but I disagree. I like the simplistic of it, it makes us focus on the girls more, and less of the other thing. The white, tint of blue, and pink backgrounds really make their outfits seems bold and jump out at you. The darker pink is flashy, but not too much. It's perfect.
Aichan showed us once again what a great dancer she is. I swear, the rest just can't be compared. The infamous Aichan's kick vs. Reina's kick (later in the PV) just CANNOT be compared. She, along with Yossie and Risa, make the song felt powerful (visually). At the begining when they do the head swinging thingy, Aichan's the only one that actually put her body into it. Miki, who's right next to her, looked odd as she barely move. And her close ups looks great as well. :D I'm telling you, she's so great in this music video. Even though this song is for Yossie, I have to say, the person who's shown the most was Miki. ^^;; Even more than Aichan, and of course more than Yossie. ^^;; But honorable mention is Risa, who capture the screen whenever the camera is on her. I'm not the person who care about anyone else except Aichan, but whenever the camera rolled to Risa, I just can't help but stare. Her performance was also quite powerful despite little screen time. And even though I didn't like everyone's outfit in the tunnel thing, I love Risa's dress. It's really cute. The design isn't flashy, but it's so cute! I want! :3 As for the rest? So so.. Ok, I'm not being fair to everyone and just focus on Ai. Actually everyone was alright, but they didn't seems as interesting to look at than Ai, Miki, Yossie, and Risa. But they are pretty.. I guess. :x
The song itself is rockish pop, upbeat, and powerful. I guess I'm the only one that like Roman My Dear Boy, but the song is similar. Definitely one of the few single that I actually like after listening to it the first few time. Well, actually, I didn't like it when I heard it the first time from a concert rip, but after watching the PV, it's so good! :) I really like it. I hope this song will outsell the last one. :D I also thought the song was fitting for Yossie's graduation song, or it's fitting for her. Even though Yossie's singing is alright at the end (I like Aichan's and Miki's parts better), but it wasn't bad. I think she'll do fine with her solo career or a small group career, which ever. :) Even though it's not her graduation yet, good luck!


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kikkawa Yuu is not in the Idol Ranking 2007

According to Hello! Online (where most of us get the official H!P news in English), Kikkawa Yuu, one of the 8th gen audition rejects, is added to the Eggs. So all those that was unhappy that she didn't make it, you can rejoices now. :)

As for me, I think I'll keep praying that Tsunku is smart enough to add Sato Sumire to the already long H!P members! >_<;; I mean, Yukkawa is alright, but I was rooting for Sato during the 8th gen audition! Sumire was cute and have some talents in her. She was very energetic and watch over the other members despite being so young. As for Yuu, I don't remember much of her except for being the girl who sing Furusato during the first few stages of the audition. :/

Tsunku, please please please give us another pleasant surprise next week. Say, adding Sumire to H!P!? :3 That would totally make my day! ^^;;

According to the idol ranking of this year, wait, everyone must have seen it before right? At least if you frequent the forums you should see it before. So I'll just talk about the top tens + rank#88 from the U20. XD;;

10. Toda Erika - Not a surprised, even I like her! With her recent dramas that usually getting ratings around 15, really boost her popularity. I personally thought her story was much better than Ayase Haruka in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. She was also in one of the most anticipated manga to liveaction movie, Death Note, as Misa. And with her newest drama, Liar Game, which she will be leading, Toda Erika is getting more and more attentions.

9. Aragaki Yui - Or Gakki to the fans. Her popularity rose after My Boss My Hero as the goddess of purity and innocent. She's also in a few Pocky cm. I also like her, especially in My Boss My Hero.

8. Kashii Yu - Despite playing older roles, she is still very young (she's even younger than me =_=;;), and she excels in all. I think she's usually acts in movie. I first know her in Waterboys drama, then SP, then My Boss My Hero. I really like her in Linda Linda Linda, right after Son of course. :) By the way, Linda Linda Linda was great. Everyone should go out and watch it.

7. Eikura Nana - Seriously, who is she? This is my first time seeing her name, she's ranked so high. :x Okei, after googled her name, she's that annoying girl that is the main lead in Dandori (about Cheerleader). *shocked* The drama sucks. How did she ranked so hight? o_O;;

6. Inoue Mao - Also had a popularity boost after staring in Hana Yori Dango. She played Makino Tsukushi who have all the love scenes with Hanazawa Rui (Oguri Shun) and Momyoji Tsukasa (Matsumoto Jun). And the girls still like her. ^^;;

5. Ishihara Satomi - Well liked and cute Satomi-chan, who won everyone over in many of her roles. Let me plugs again that her newest drama, Hanayome to Papa, is coming up in just a few days. Watch it everyone. Satomi is also well known for her luscious lips and full body. We haven't yet see her in a swimming suit, which suit me just fine. :) I'm really happy for her that she's in the top 5. :D Awsome. Congrats Satomi-chan. :)

4. Horikita Maki - The cute sister from Densha Otoko and the gloomy Nobuta from Nobuta wo Produce, which she gain her popularity from. I didn't know she was also in a lot of movie as well. She had talents, but I wished she played happier roles. After Nobuta wo Produce, the image of Nobuta can't seems to leave her. :x

3. Ueno Juri - Also is extremely talented. She's Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, which really boost her popularity. She's also great in Swing Girls (and a boy XD;;). By the way, everyone need to watch Swing Girls. :x

2. Nagasawa Masami - I wasn't aware that Masami was this popular. I had watch a few of her dramas, but none of her roles actually struck me. So to see her so high in the list, I was really surprise. :x Anyways, I bet everyone'd heard of the rumors about the competition between Masami and Erika right? Well, I guess this time she lost to...

1. Sawajiri Erika - The girls with the hates and rumors. She gains famed after 1 Litre of Tears as Aya, the girl who suffered a disease and later died (oops did I just gave those who had never watch it before spoilers? :P). Sawajiri Erika then later film Taiyou no Uta, also a girl with a disease, and release her first single with the name Amane Kaoru (her character). I thougth 1 Litre of Tears was great, but Taiyou no Uta felt like it's missing something. The Taiyou no Uta movie with YUI was much much much better. She is no doubt, a great actress, but really, not my favorite. Sorry.

I was actually really surprised that Aya Ueto is not on the list since she was so famous. But it actually turned out that Aya Ueto is on the U25 ranking 3rd. :x I don't really like her, except in Kinpachi Sensei 6th season, and Azumi, where we didn't have to see her smile. :x

88. Takahashi Ai - In the highest ranking of the recent morning musume (in U20) is Aichan, which showed us how popular she is than most of the other members. Not a surprise since recent Japanese only can recognized Aichan, Miki, and Yossie in Morning Musume anyways. :D Awsome, congrats Aichan. :D
I'm starting to really like her Yuki Ai Anata ≧ Suki song, especially after watching the Wonderful Hearts Otome Gokoro Winter 2007 concert. She was really cute singing the song. But I wish they stop with the MC Gaki thing. Anyways, I love the whole drawing the heart thing in midair. I wished give us a closer view of that so we fans can make gifs out of it. XD;;

The concerts was not bad, but it felt really bare without the older H!P members. There are a lot of C-ute and Berryz in here. I really like Miki solo with Mai and the other C-ute kid. ^^;; And of course, I also like Aichan solo as well. Anyways, a few more pictures of Aichan.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Nikishido Ryo x Ishihara Satomi x Tokito Saburo

Mark your calendar everyone! Hanayome to Papa (The bride and father) is going to show on April 10 in Japan. :) Not that we, international people, can do anything about it, especially if we don't have Japanese channels! But we can always use bittorent. This had got to be my most anticipated drama in a while, right after is Kuitan2, then Liar Game, and then... I'll just watch every one of them and take my pick. :P

More informations and pictures and be found on Satomi's journal. :) Speaking of which, I should add it to my links! :D
These captures of RyoxSatomi are from Teru Teru Kazoku (てるてる家族). I want to see!! From the few clips on Youtube, it looks like an interesting musical drama. Each episodes only span for 15 minutes, and there are 69 (some say 70) episodes total! 見たい~!This drama span from Sept of 2003 to March of 2004, so it's a few years old show. The show take place in Osaka, so everyone speak with an Osaka accent. XD;; Fun!
Ishihara Satomi (Fuyuko Iwata) played the youngest daughter of the Iwata family. I think Nishikido Ryo played her childhood friend/worker in her home's bakery, Kazu-chan? (not sure). I thought it was fitting to cast him since he's the "Sexy Osaka Man".. XD;; Other casts include Ueno Juri (Nodame of Nodame Cantabile) as the diligent and nice 3rd daughter Akiko, Konno Mahiru (wife of Goro in Asuka e, Soshite mada minu ko e SP) as the pretty oldest daughter Haruko, and Uehara Takako as the talented 2nd daughter who became a famous singer Natsuko. Also Kishitani Goro as the father (also the father of Amame Kaoru in Taiyou no Uta the movie; and Ryoma Echizen in Prince of Tennis movie), and Asano Yuko as the mother, Teruko.
Synopsis taken from Wiki:
The 69th NHK Asadora Drama is Teruteru Kazoku. Locations include Ikeda, Osaka and Sasebo, Nagasaki. The story, based on Rei Nakanishi's novel, is about the Iwata family living in Ikeda, Osaka City between 1950’s and 1960’s. The story is told through the eyes of the youngest daughter, Fuyuko (16). The family runs a bakery. The mother, Teruko, is a very energetic woman who is determined to make her dreams come true. Responding to Teruko’s expectations, the eldest daughter becomes a figure skater and the second daughter becomes a very famous professional singer. In contrast, Fuyuko finds her joy in bread making... --- NHK

If any of the Ryo/Satomi/Ueno Juri fans could tell me where to get this, I would apprieciate it! <3 *hopeful*

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello! Morning 03/25/2007

I wondered if next time is the last time we see Hello! Morning as an hour show.. Hmm..

Hello! Morning started with WPG. This time, they invited Yanagisawa Shingo as the guest. He's Kunimi Hiro's "energetic" father from H2. Remember? :)
The food today was Octopus wrapped around rice? I wasn't paying attention. One person can test it, and you see everyone praying it was her/him. XD;; But Yanagisawa-san was the taster. He gloated and then ate while the members looked on with jealousy. ^^;; And then he made a funny face, as you can see here.
The game started with shiritori, a game where everyone have a chance in front of the camera. :) Aichan, again, almost messed up, but thankfully she didn't. Everyone did well, and they can eat. Then Yanagisawa-san pulled out his cigarette pouch and talk into it like a cellphone. XD;; Considered what happened with Aibon, I'm surprised it didn't create any controversy. Anyways, he pretend to order more so everyone could eat. Everyone cheered.
Next, the graduated members came back to H!M for the 100 ranking special, where they ranked the best viewed show. I really like the old members, but whenever they come back, they always took the attentions away from the current members *coughaichan*. So I wish they have more past and recent members interaction, not past and newest member interactions.
After watching a fourth of the ranking, some of the members play the dangling game. I didn't noticed the Yaguchi vs. Koharu match because I thought it was another ranking, so there are no caps on those. :x Koharu started screaming her heads off when she thought the item were touching her. It was actually just Miki patting her back. Everyone laugh. ^^;; But the Miracle won. Next match is Kaori vs. Miki. Kaori won. And Kaori showed her beautiful legs, which is even better looking than Miki. tsk! Kaori should be in GAM instead of doing pretty much nothing at the moment in H!P.
The members laugh at their reactions.
Next is the introduction of Junjun and Linlin. Yossie looks great with glasses. :) After the introduction, Tsunku came and tell them to watch the members practices and performance. Then he advices them to start practice inorder to catch up to them, which they did.
Some more bonding, where I think Miki and Yossie did most of the talking to the new kids. Aika came (along with Yossie) and tell them since they are in the same generation, they should talk. And later Koharu came and Linlin praise Koharu. Aokunai graciously sub the meeting segment. Thanks guys. :D
Last, Melon Kinenbi sang their newest song. They dressed like rockstars even though the song itself sound more pop to me. *shrugs* It wasn't a pleasant performance, because they look hideous in those get up. :x

I think next week, they will continued with the ranking since it was just from rank 50 to 31. :x

Want see more caps? Look here! I didn't bothered doing the ranking part, just boring old stuffs. :x